To set the foundations of a successful business, it is crucial that a corporation invests in a wholesome corporate identity system that defines not only the visuals such as the logo and its assisting graphics but also the abstracts such as the core value of a company and its relationship with consumers. Through persistent study and discussion, Transform Design maps out specific identity frameworks for individual clients and establishes customized visual languages that encourage in-depth communication and interaction between brand and consumer.
任何成功的企業都需要完善的企業形象規劃,企業形象規劃之所以重要,是因為它是企業的根、品牌的基礎。一個完整的企業形象規劃除了看得見的標誌及企業識別系統外,還包含一個企業的經營核心及消費者的互動關係。 瑜悅設計透過與業主不間段的溝通與分析,規劃一個專屬於企業的形象並塑造與消費者溝通的視覺平台及深層的互動關係。
A successful packaging becomes a valuable medium that voices the benefits of a product. By adopting an efficient and integrated visual language in our package design service, we treat packaging as not merely the shell of a product but a potent tool for product marketing. Additionally, by incorporating the concept of branding into package design, we allow consumers to truly experience the influence and competitiveness of a brand through the act of purchasing and thus increase the value of the packaging. Through branding, market research and information analysis, Transform creates package designs that speak for the product.
A website is a multifunctional marketing tool—a well-planned platform that integrates the brand, the product and consumer interaction. At Transform, we build the framework and user experience of a website upon the deep understanding of a company through visual design that works on both computer screens and mobile devices. At Transform, we implement our client’s corporate values in every aspect of a website, achieving an integral and wholesome web experience.
Amongst the many ways of spreading information, book publishing is perhaps one of the most intriguing, for it is a means of communication that preserves human warmth. Paper, as a channel for emotional outlet, contains the power to make words more attractive. The people of Transform are thus devoted to book design in the hope that readers may have a deeper understanding of the given content by flipping through pages. We want to create unique reading experiences through the arrangement of type and images and to engage more readers and evoke richer sentiments.
Typography is a valuable means of communication that not only empowers the creation of a culture but also becomes an important role in that specific civilization. The use of words is versatile and comprehensive, immersing in all possible agents for communication. At Transform, we believe that well designed typography becomes a powerful tool for communicating and exceeds a thousand words. Visually intriguing typography carves deeper into one\'s memory. Through analysis and comprehension we create unique typography designs for every individual project.
語言及文字是溝通的重要工具,透過語言及文字,我們得以創造屬於我們的文化。 文字在文化中更是扮演一個重要的角色。字有很多的不同的使用面向,廣泛的應用在我們的生活之中,從大到小無限延展在每個溝通物件裡。瑜悅設計希望透過設計讓文字更具特色也更具傳播效力,一個有效的供通工具勝過千言萬語,有特色的文字更是讓人有更深的記憶點。我們透過了解與分析,打造出每一個專屬的文字應用在每一個項目之中。