A skin care brand about purity and cleanliness.
decent rossi 是強調純粹潔淨的保養洗護品牌,不添加額外的成分,以最溫柔的方式帶走頭皮多餘髒污,留下清爽的舒適感。與常見流質洗劑的產品不同,品牌使用更加單純的粉狀配方,以醫學的角度研發對人體、動物、地球皆無害的產品。decent rossi 擁有優雅內斂的靈魂,重視生活細節與美感;藉由這次攝影,品牌除了展現精緻與大器並具的特質,並將清潔產品的形象提升到另一種高度。
decent rossi is a skin care brand that emphasizes purity and cleanliness. It aims to simplify the ingredients and remove excess dirt from the scalp in the most gentle way, creating a refreshing and comfortable feeling. Different from common liquid products, the brand uses powder formula, and develops products that are harmless to humans, animals and the earth from a medical point of view. Through this photography project, the brand not only shows the characteristics of sophistication and professionalism, but also elevates the image of skin-care products to another level.
Being elegant and exquisite, decent rossi focus on the details and beauty of life. This photography project takes powder as the main shooting materials: the contrasting light and shadow are focused on the subject, showing the design details of the bottle and the delicate, snow-like texture product, and also presenting the minimalism style of the brand. The idea for the gradation effect of the packaging, which represents the visible improvement on skin after continuous use of the product.
  • Client
    decent rossi
  • Services
    Photography Proposal
  • Year
    Nov 2021
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designer
    Jha Zhang
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Photography