iSPOT 是一間專業且具活力的媒體行銷公司,這個產業競爭激烈、服務多元,需要獨特的眼光與經驗,才能協助客戶創造最佳效益。品牌擁有豐富的行銷訊息,需經過縝密的規劃並清楚展示;透過網站系統化的整理,搭配容易理解的圖示,帶領瀏覽者一步步深入品牌的核心,進而了解 iSPOT 團隊堅固的實力與執行能力。專業的網站不僅簡化溝通的流程和時間,也強化客戶對品牌的信賴感!
iSPOT is a professional and dynamic media marketing company. This industry has fierce competition and diversified services, the agencies require unique vision and experience to assist customers create the best benefits. iSPOT has a wealth of marketing information, which needs to be clearly arranged and displayed. Through the systematic organization of the website, with simple and clear icons, the advantages and execution capabilities of iSPOT team will be introduced step by step. iSPOT believes that a professional website not only simplifies the process of communication, but also strengthens customers' trust in the brand.
網站色調沿用品牌的標準色,以紫色與少許亮色搭配;呼應 iSPOT 活力熱情、源源能量的團隊特質,從標誌輪廓延伸成向上攀升的動態直線,讓瀏覽者在滾動頁面時,顯現如光軌般的投射。因服務類型廣泛、行銷廣告計畫也相當多樣,設計的第一優先是讓客戶快速找到其所需的資訊,進而與平台進行聯繫。網站整體以大色塊、清楚俐落的圖文進行佈局,不贅述華麗辭藻,而是精準呈現最有價值的訊息。
The website color follows the original tone of iSPOT, with purple and a few bright color matching. Echoing the brand’s characteristics of vitality, enthusiasm and energy, the background graphics transformed from logo outline into a dynamic straight line that climbs upwards, presenting a light-track projection while user scrolling the page. Because of the variety of service and marketing plans, the first priority of design is to allow customers to quickly find the information they need. The website is designed with large color blocks, decorated with neat, clear graphics and texts. Avoid gorgeous rhetoric in layout, the website only presents the most valuable and important information.
  • Client
    iSPOT Media
  • Services
    Brand Identity
    Logo & Logotype
    Web Design
  • Year
    July 2021
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director & Designer
    Celine Shen
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Website Development