A tiny speck in a vast expanse. A dot amongst billions of others.
啟發自浩瀚天際、遙遠但閃耀的流星,燈具品牌 Meteor Lighting 結合先進技術與精湛工藝,將光帶入生活。為了將產品推入更廣大的國際市場,品牌規劃一本電子版型錄:除了梳理龐大的產品目錄,也重新思考品牌形象是否與理念一致,以清晰的視覺系統傳達更有深度的內容。Meteor Lighting 希望成為黑夜中最耀眼的新星,提供專業照明給各型態的空間場域,為生活點亮更多想像。
Inspired by the vast sky and distant but shining stars, lighting brand Meteor Lighting combines advanced technology with exquisite craftsmanship, to bring light to life. In order to introduce the products into a bigger international market, the brand decided to launch an online brochure: in addition to sorting out the huge product catalogue, we also rethink how to assist the brand conveys more in-depth content with a clear visual system. Meteor is one of the dazzling stars, glimmering in the distant dark night. The brand aiming to create professional lighting for various types of space, building a cozy and environment in our daily life.
Meteor Lighting 的照明商品並具美學與性能,適合妝點各種建築場域。整本型錄簡練大器,屏除不必要的裝飾或贅述,以抽象幾何線條傳達現代感;分隔頁採用建築圖作為背景,強化使用情境的想像,也因應不同產品造型彈性地安排版面。整體排版乾淨俐落,精準拿捏設計感與功能性的力道,跳脫大眾對商品型錄枯燥繁瑣的印象,繼而展現品牌的深度與魅力。
Meteor Lighting's products combine aesthetics and performance to echo a variety of architectural settings. The layout is concise and grand, eliminating unnecessary decoration or redundant description, and presenting a modern sense with abstract geometric method. The chapter page uses architectural photography as the background to strengthen the imagination of the actual scenario, and we also arrange the layout flexibly according to different product appearance. The overall design is clean and neat, which breaks the stereotype of boring and cumbersome product catalogues, but shows the value and charm of the brand.
  • Client
    Meteor Lighting
  • Services
    Book Design
  • Year
    Aug 2021
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designers
    Fran Dai
    Wendy Chuang
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang