有関係 ╳ 有関西
一直以來台日設計界維持著密切且友好的關係,藉由這次 Risograph Museum 主辦、VVG Village 協辦的孔版印刷展覽,團隊能發掘更多台日新一代的設計師,串起一場有趣的交流活動!由 Transform Design 總監 Leo 牽線,邀請台灣、大阪地區各 5 位設計師進行創作;即使因疫情緣故無法實際碰面,但經多方密集且努力的討論,成功促成這次難得的跨國界設計聚會。
Taiwan and Japan have maintained a close and friendly relationship. Through this risograph exhibition organized by Risograph Museum and co-organized by VVG Village Bazaar, our team discover designers of the new generation from Taiwan and Japan, and launch this interesting activity together! Introduced by Leo, the Creative Director of Transform Design, 5 designers from each Taiwan and Osaka were invited to join this exhibition. Even though we could not meet with Japanese designers directly due to the COVID-19, the team still successfully facilitate this design gathering after intensive and inspiring discussions.
以「連結」為核心,背景中滾動、融合的色塊除了呼應 Risograph 的滾筒造型、賦予作品不確定性的魅力,同時也希望藉這次機會拉近彼此距離。整體色彩繽紛亮眼,展現新一代設計師有趣活潑的一面,以及他們不設限、源源不斷的創意。動態海報有漢字、英文兩種系統:標準字共用同一種字型輪廓、帶有滿滿的份量感,方胖的造型十足可愛並帶有親和力,創造繽紛有力的視覺語彙!
With "connection" as the core idea, the rolling color blocks in the background not only echo the cylindrical shape of risograph, and also give the work the charm of uncertainty. The overall color is colorful and eye-catching, showing the fun and lively side of the new generation of designers, as well as their unlimited and endless creativity. The logotypes on the bilingual dynamic poster share the same font outline, with a full sense of weight and funny chubby shape, creating a vivid and powerful visual language!
  • Client
    Risograph Museum
  • Services
    Exhibition Design
    Graphic Design
  • Year
    Aug 2022
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designers
    Leo Huang
    Celine Shen
    Wan Yu Cheng
  • Motion Graphic
    Wan Yu Cheng
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang