Not just a café, but an exhibition of art and design.
The Cafe Deco 的創辦人是位熱愛生活、藝術的收藏家,店內陳設多件名椅逸品,讓前來享受香醇咖啡的民眾,能近距離地接觸這些經典設計!受蒙德里安名畫啟發,禮盒設計保留包浩斯主義的純粹性,同時轉化幾何圖形與方格線條的結構,展現俐落、但不失細膩的現代設計風格。在這個空間中,美學與品味的鑑賞是日常的縮影,更是連結文化的橋樑:用咖啡拉近距離、用設計妝點環境,感受每個生活中的美好細節。
The owner of The Cafe Deco is a collector who have enthusiasm for life and art. There are various famous chairs and furnitures in the store, the café offer a place for citizens to enjoy the coffee meanwhile surrounded by classic design. Inspired by Mondrian's famous paintings, the packaging design retains the purity of Bauhausism, while transforming the structure of geometric figures and lines, showing a clean but delicate modern style. In this platform, the daily aesthetics is the unchanging topic, and here is also the bridge connecting culture: the brand eliminates barriers via coffee, decorates the interior with design inspiration, devoting to let visitors feel the stunning details of every life.
The Cafe Deco 的精裝禮盒有兩款設計,選用六種 Pantone 特色塊狀排列,克服印刷製程上的難度,將方格狀的幾何排列精準對齊,使每個顏色不會交疊在一起,並在包裝成型將誤差值壓到最低。團隊選用大亞紙業的寶格麗紙:這張高級塗佈美術紙不僅擁有絕佳的手感,在UV印刷下呈現飽滿、亮眼的顯色效果。攝影畫面同樣經過精心安排,以鏡面反射出連續的圖騰,讓平面的色塊延展到三維度的空間;偏硬的光影呈現乾淨俐落的氛圍,不需過多的裝飾,讓產品自述故事。
The Cafe Deco hardcover gift box has two design version: the neat block patterns printed with six Pantone color, overcoming the difficulty of the printing accuracy, and elaborately intersecting each square. The team chose Bvlgari paper from Daya Paper: this high-quality art paper not only has an excellent texture, but also presents a full and eye-catching color effect under UV printing. Photography reflects continuous totems with mirror surfaces, making flat color blocks extend into three-dimensional space. The hard light and shadow present a clean and confident atmosphere, without unnecessary decoration, allowing the product to tell its own story.
  • Client
    The Cafe Deco
  • Services
    Packaging Design
    Photography Proposal
  • Year
    Aug 2022
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designers
    Celine Shen
    Wan Yu Cheng
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Typeface
    Noto Sans TC
  • Print
  • Photographer
  • Paper