日月花藏 眾花齊放
2023 年的故宮年度掛曆主題為「故宮花卉大賞-日月花藏」;台北故宮以花卉為主角的作品歷代均有、館藏豐富,不僅是畫家們所喜愛的創作題材,也是大眾容易入門欣賞的作品類型。館方細心地從琳瑯滿目的花卉名作中,梳理出對應台灣每個月花期的畫作,以本土性、普遍性、畫家名氣、與藝術價值作為遴選標準,精挑細選出 12 幅珍貴藏品。珍藏是初心、傳承是本意,藝術從來不只是隔著玻璃窗的鑑賞,而是每個人生活周遭的日常。藉由編製這一冊花園集錦,將這十二月份的花卉典藏作為禮贈,傳遞心意與美好風景!
"Flower" is the theme of the National Palace Museum calendar in 2023. The museum has a rich collection of artworks featuring flowers in different eras. It is not only a popular subject for painters, but also a common type of artwork for the general public. The museum team sorted out the paintings corresponding to Taiwan's monthly flowering period from the dazzling array of flower masterpieces. Based on the selection criteria of locality, universality, artist fame, and artistic value, 12 precious collections were carefully selected. We believe that art has never been just a expensive work behind a glass window, but the daily life around everyone.
本冊設計封面以國寶等級的「明 仇英 水仙臘梅 軸」為主視覺;細膩地雕琢優雅的花葉線條,保留精髓並綻放於畫面。加工以雕刻版與打凸版共同呈現出水仙花之立體感,部分花瓣則輔以燙金呈現,將古畫中的文物經由現代設計的語彙重新詮釋,呈現古風新象的面貌。為能將「明 陸治四時花卉真蹟 卷」這幅長卷式畫作完整呈現於包裝盒上,設計採用卷軸式的結構,將禮盒一層一層完整攤開,平展開來後便能欣賞這幅眾花齊放的名作。
The calendar cover is a national treasure-level artwork "Narcissi and Chimonanthus" by Qiu Ying in Ming dynasty. The lines of the flowers and leaves are delicate and elegant, and the engraving and embossing printing are used to present the three-dimensional effect of the narcissi, and some petals are printed with foil stamping to preserve the essence of the flower. The cultural relics in ancient paintings are reinterpreted by modern design method, presenting the precious heritage in a new look. In order to fully present the long-scroll painting of "Ming Dynasty, Lu Zhi, Four Seasons Flowers" on the box, the design adopts a scroll-type structure to completely spread out the packaging layer by layer.
  • Client
    National Palace Museum
  • Services
    Packaging Design
  • Year
    Jun 2022
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director & Designer
    Celine Shen
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang