成立於 1997 年,新睦豐為台灣知名的建材品牌,以獨到的藝術品味,精選兼具功能與質感的國內外高級磁磚;品牌擅長將日常建材融入藝術美學,為空間披上最獨特的外衣。因磁磚樣本攜帶不易,且代理品牌多元內容龐雜,品牌將服務項目規劃成冊,展示各材質特性、與實際空間的運用範例。這本幾近 300 頁的型錄,宛如藝術品般精緻完整,貫徹品牌的初衷 — 藝術分享者。
Founded in 1997, BE NEW FORM is a well-known building materials brand in Taiwan. With unique artistic taste, the brand selects domestic and foreign high-grade materials with both function and quality. The main reason of creating this brochure is that most of the samples are hard to carry, and also the products are diverse and complex. As a result, this brochure is designed to clearly show the characteristics of each material and the application examples in the actual space. This 300-page book is an exquisite work of art, and it also implements the original intention of the brand - The treasury of art.
新睦豐活用建材並賦予空間靈魂,建構獨一無二的品牌美學。型錄排版採簡約風格,捨去過多繁複裝飾,專注於材料本身質感與紋理,呼應型錄主題 “DESIGN WITH NATURE” 呈現大自然的純粹之美。為提升閱讀體驗,資訊經過縝密梳理:以「風格/顏色」設定兩種索引方式、系統式地歸納材質與花色、以顏色區隔不同單元。大面積的圖像版面為了完整展現商品,翻閱時彷彿欣賞藝術畫冊般身歷其中;跳脫一般型錄的制式框架,團隊打造美感與實用兼具的型錄,詮釋空間美學實踐者的品牌核心。
BE NEW FORM endows the space with soul, constructing a unique brand aesthetics. The layout presents a simple and neat style, discarding complicated decorations, focusing on the texture of the material, echoing the theme of the brochure "DESIGN WITH NATURE" to convey the pure beauty of nature. In order to advance the reading experience, the information has been carefully sorted out: two index methods are set in "Style/Color", the material and color are systematically summarized, and different units are separated by color. Breaking the standard impression of brochure, the team create this catalog with an aesthetic and practical point of view.
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