極度輕盈 簡約俐落
ASUS 本季攝影包含 Zenbook Classic/Pro 兩大系列,視覺展現「極度輕盈」的機台特性:基調明亮且中性,搭配細膩的材質表現,整體傳達現代簡約、質感與溫度並具的生活風景。不同以往 Classic/Pro 系列強調的專業感、機能性,此專案定錨注重生活品味的都會人士,打造隨性不失質感的使用情境。場景除了日常所見的城市角落,同時以異材質呼應主題的抽象概念,在多維度空間中建構極致且精準的畫面。
The photography of ASUS 2023 includes two series of Zenbook: Classic and Pro, highlighting the machine feature of “Extreme Lightness”. The tone is bright and neutral, with delicate material performance, the overall visual conveys a message of modern and simple lifestyle. Different from the professionalism and functionality emphasized by the previous Classic/Pro series, this project focus on urbanites who pay attention to taste, creating a casual but high-quality atmosphere. In addition to the streetscapes in our daily routine, different materials are used to echo the abstract concept of the theme, and the ultimate and precise picture is constructed in a multi-dimensional space.
此專案涵蓋多組機型,安排室內外各種場景進行拍攝;整體維持明亮輕盈、簡約現代的調性,符合 Zenbook Classic/Pro 兩大系列的產品便攜性。鏡面為本次視覺的重要元素,以具張力的空間顯示輕薄感,並搭配異材質:沙漠、石塊、清水模…等等自然肌理材質,增加畫面的對比度。使用者為講究生活品味的人物設定,著裝隨性俐落,營造舒適有溫度的氛圍。
This project covers multiple series of machine, so the team arranges different indoor and outdoor scenes for shooting. The overall tone is bright, light, simple and modern, in line with the portability of the Zenbook Classic/Pro series. The mirror material is an important element of this project, and it also be matched with different materials like natural texture to increase the diversity of the photography. The users are people who values life quality. They dress casually and neatly, presenting a comfortable and warm atmosphere.
  • Client
  • Services
    Photography Proposal
  • Year
    April 2023
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designers
    Wan Yu Cheng
    Chien Chia Chen
    Peng Yu Tian
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Photography
    攝影|鄭鼎 (Oner Photo)
  • 3D
  • Producer
    Duncan Dai (accesstovision)
  • Production Team
    Makeup|Stanley Su
    Hair|Weic Lin (Overface artists)、Yu Yang
    Styling|Jeng Yin