First, do no harm.
強調純粹保養洗護品牌 decent rossi,秉持著健康的初心,以最單純的成分,給肌膚最溫柔的呵護。全新大麻籽油系列產品 Mandy 黃金豐澤強健精華油,與 Foster 黃金飛昇究極火箭精華液,精選純粹的成分,讓躁動的肌膚穩定舒緩,提供強化的鎖水保護層。獨特的瓶器為品牌自行開發生產,透過這次的攝影,展現品牌精緻且對細節的要求與執著。
decent rossi, a brand that devoted to helping people with sensitive skin, upholds the original intention of health, extracting the purest ingredients to treat the skin the most gentle care. The two new products: Mandy powerful face oil which made with cannabis sativa seed oil, and Foster epiphany face serum, selecting pure ingredients to stabilize and smooth the skin. The unique bottle container is developed and produced by the brand owner. Through this photography project, it shows the brand's exquisite characteristic and dedication to details.
This photography project takes the unique decagonal bottle as the protagonist, which looks like a gem-cut angular shape, echoed by multi-mirror elements, reflecting the high-end amber color bottle. Through the irregular reflections, various angles of the bottle are presented, interlacing an interesting pattern similar to kaleidoscope; it also symbolizes that after using the product, the skin will recover to the original state and show a confident attitude.
  • Client
    decent rossi
  • Services
    Photography Proposal
  • Year
    Jul 2023
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designer
    Leo Huang
    Kai Nan Wu
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Photography
    攝影|鄭鼎 Dean Cheng (Oner Photo)
    攝助|Weixun Xu、Chun Chou、Hsin harris、Maurice