Inattention 旨在提供舒服隨性、沒有壓力的平台體驗,以輕鬆自在的姿態分享所見所愛,捕捉生活中微小事物的令人著迷之處。使用者在瀏覽平台時,整體氛圍是自然而然、清晰明白的,網站不需做太多的提示,便能正確引導使用者操作。這種帶有生活感的閱讀方式,模擬人們翻閱畫報的動作,盡可能貼近真實生活、回歸純粹。
Inattention aims to provide comfortable and stress-free platform experience, to share what the brand sees and loves, and to capture the fascination of each ting things in life. The website is design with casual and clear atmosphere without excessive design hints, guiding users to browse the platform freely. Inspired by the idea of flipping magazines, this website present a browsing method close to life, building reading habits to people's daily life.
Inattention 是一個並具視覺與功能的風格網站,以生活的角度切入各種主題,全站風格乾淨、俐落。首頁與文章列表頁參考雜誌的編排方式,將版面分割成四個基本欄位網格,再以此規範創造不同的版型,讓每季的內容能依照編輯需求切換使用。首頁的「隨機版型」效果讓文章隨機出現,增加網站靈活度,並跳脫傳統網站的固定框架。文章內頁則延伸列表頁的形式,規劃不同的照片段落樣式,開發具有彈性的編輯後台。
Inattention is a functional lifestyle website. The content focus on various themes captured by the editors from different perspective of life. The entire website has a clean and neat style. The home page and article list page refer to the layout of magazines, dividing the layout into four basic column grids, and then using this guideline to create different content according to editorial needs. The "random layout" effect on the homepage allows articles to appear randomly, increasing the flexibility of the website; the inner page of article extend the form from the list page, applying different photo paragraph styles and develop a flexible back-end system.
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    Feb 2023
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    Leo Huang
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