Shao Bar is a brand new BBQ restaurant located in the center of Xinzhu. The local pleasant cheers and a strong sense of humanity are the essence of the brand, corresponding to the unique Taiwanese barbecue culture. Shao Bar is not only a grill restaurant, but also an energy-filled pig out place. In the midst of the crowd, the lively and prosperous atmosphere surges the deepest appetite of the stomach, immersing the belly desire in the vulgar color of neon lamps through the darkest but clamorous night time. Shao Bar services the richest grilled meat to open the lock of mouth, through the most authentic cuisine to make a different sense of rock and roll!

燒BAR的主要識別為雷神的形象、以及雷神之手。為了加深觀者對於台灣燒肉的獨特印象,以注音符號作為活用於整體的圖形應用,發展出一系列的趣味形象;「ㄕㄠ ㄅㄚˋ」兩字的線條構成雷神的側臉,展現出豐富大膽的視覺張力,並將巧思運用於不同的食材接觸點,直白快速地傳達燒BAR熱情的燒肉文化。
Compared with the all-you-can-eat buffet strategy, the brand takes the idea of “no waste of food” as the point of difference applying on visual language. There is a traditional folklore in Taiwan about God of thunder, punishing people who waste food, plays a leading role in the story of Shao Bar. In addition to being an overpowering image, God of thunder is a symbol of strength, representing the carnivorous spirit and the time of jubilation.

The image and hand of God of thunder are the main visual identity of Shao Bar. To deepen viewer’s impression of Taiwanese grilled meat, Mandarin Phonetic Symbols are chosen to develop visual experiment: ㄕㄠ and ㄅㄚˋ are the phonetic symbols from Shao Bar, and these lines form the side face of God of thunder. The visual language shows a audacious and bold tension, applying creativities to different food triggers, directly and quickly communicating the enthusiastic meat culture of Shao Bar.
  • Client
    ShaoBar 燒BAR
  • Services
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guideline
    Logo & Logotype
    Website Design
  • Year
    2017 - Present
  • Art Director
    Leo Huang
  • Designers
    Celine Shen
    Jun Su
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    Kontrapunkt Bold
  • Photographer
    Andrew Kan
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    Transform Design