三叶 Three Leafs 的名稱,源自於一心三叶的採茶方法:只摘取茶葉最頂端的嫩芽與葉,代表著對於茶葉品質的堅持。以台灣出產的烏龍茶為起點,著重於茶葉的製成與烘焙方式;跳脫以往由區域性分類茶種的既定印象,帶領消費者重新探索所有產自台灣這片土地的成熟茶葉。除了培育良好的茶種,三叶其一的經營理念是將銷售的部分利潤回饋給茶農,為茶農帶來更多專業與價值上的肯定,也重新賦予他們一項製茶師的角色定位。製茶師是味覺的領袖與工藝的傳承者:熟撚地遵循一道道繁複製茶工法,根據不同樹種與土地的特色,賦予每一種採茶各個獨特風味的靈魂。藉由品牌的推廣與分享,三叶建立起世界與台灣優質茶葉的溝通橋樑。
The name of Three Leafs, derived from the method of tea picking of one-tip with three-leaf. Selecting only the buds and sprouts from the top leaves, this strict selection represents the insistence on tea quality. Starting from the Taiwanese oolong tea, focusing on orthodox method of tea brewing rather than established impression of regional classification, Three Leafs guides the comers to re-explore all types of handpicked teas grew in this island.

In addition to cultivating good tea, Three Leafs aims to return some of the profits from sales to tea farmers, bringing more professional and value affirmation to them, and re-positioning them in a role as a tea craftsman. The tea craftsmen are the leaders of the taste and the inheritor of the tea. Following the traditional and complicated method of tea making, they give each tea the most unique flavor according to different trees and lands. Through the brand construction and promotion, Three Leafs established a bridge between the world and Taiwanese oolong tea.
以推廣台灣的好茶至全世界為目標,三叶的標誌選用國際通用的數字符號作為表現,簡單明確地傳達一心三叶的訊息。採用葉片的造型組架成「 3 」的符號,將葉與數字「 3 」合而為一,加深觀者對於品牌識別的第一印象。飽滿圓潤的輪廓勾勒出三叶的靈魂,從中詮釋全片葉的優良品質,延伸出的葉片枝枒則代表保留完整原葉的用心。

呼應枝葉邊角的纖維彈性,選用襯線字體 Mariposa Sans Std 作為標準字。色彩規範以兩種不同色調的綠作為調和,並搭配色盤系統輔助未來的商品應用:深綠的基底應用於正式禮盒的背景、淺綠的背景則出現在一般常態商品的包裝。三叶獨特的品牌個性:精緻、優雅、內斂,是整體視覺系統核心的延伸。以心的體悟為出發點,三叶將台灣在地烏龍茶的醉人芬芳濃縮於茶罐,綿延至遠方。
Aims to introduce the greatest Taiwanese tea to the world, the international digital symbol is chosen as the main identity of Three Leafs, clearly conveying the message about one-tip with three-leaf. The shape of the blade is framed into a "3" symbol with three leafs and number "3" combining together, to deepen the viewer's first impression of brand recognition. The full and rounded outline depicts the spirit of Three Leafs, interpreting the excellent quality of the whole leaf, and the extended leaf branches represent their intention to preserve as much of the whole leaf as possible.

Responding to the fiber elasticity of the angle of branches, the serif font Mariposa Sans Std is used as the standard font. The color systems are harmonized with two different value of green, and the future products will follow these color systems for applications: the dark-green color system is applied to the scenes of formal gift box, and the light-green system appears in the general product packaging. The unique personalities of Three Leafs are exquisite, elegant, and humble, which conduct the brand to process and extend its core idea. Start from heart and mind, Three Leafs concentrates the most intoxicating fragrance of Taiwan's Oolong tea in each different tea boxes, spreading them to the distant land.
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