叄和院 BAR&RESTAURANT 為台灣叄和院集團旗下的新品牌,以低調奢華的氣質在上海市 “美食不夜城” 展露第一道海外拓點的鋒芒。上海 BAR&RESTAURANT 的概念為創意台菜與優質酒水:有別於駐店台灣百貨的本店,延長了夜晚的饗宴時光並提升整體規格,以推廣熱誠服務至全世界為宗旨,樹立了時尚與品味兼具的餐飲新標準。叄和院 BAR&RESTAURANT 是上海台菜美食的標竿,為在夜晚不知胃壁歸依何處的人們引領舌尖上「台灣味」的全新體驗。
SANHOYAN BAR&RESTAURANT is a brand new restaurant from Taiwan's SANHOYAN Corporation, revealing the first sharp of light overseas with a breeze of luxury and Taiwanese cuisine in Shanghai. SANHOYAN BAR&RESTAURANT serves the most creative Taiwanese dishes and high-quality liquor. Different from the branches located in Taiwan Department Store, this flagship store has improved the overall equipments and extended the opening time. With the aim of promoting the enthusiasm of Taiwanese food to the world, we have established a new standard of dining and delicacy. For those who do not know how to fill their stomachs at night, SANHOYAN BAR&RESTAURANT leads them to experience "Taiwanese flavor" in a new way through the tip of the tongue.
The idea of "Fire" runs through the overall visual language, and the logotype's lines are inspired from Chinese typeface strokes, conveying the enthusiasm and power of dining, vivid vitality, and the surge of food under fire. To simulate the shape of fire, the logotype is outlined with sharper and cleaner edges, which is re-adjusted from the original symbol of Taiwan’s SANHOYAN icon. Inspired by the Chinese regular script, the continuous pattern of diamond-shaped blocks is chosen for pattern system, echoing the sharpness and power of "Fire", and implementing the consistency of the brand identity.
  • Client
    Sanhoyan Restaurant
  • Services
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guideline
    Logo & Logotype
  • Year
    2017 - Present
  • Art Director
    Leo Huang
  • Designers
    Chiao Yi Chang
    Celine Shen