SUNEEDAY Brand Identity

Suneeday 是一個戶外運動保健的品牌,專精於研發皮膚醫療的保健產品,以建構健康、專業、創新的精神為品牌出發點。Suneeday 的目標對象為極限運動的熱愛者,在挑戰自我未知可能的過程中,提供他們一處舒緩身體的選擇。產品效能針對「防護轉變」及「修復改善」作為溝通重點:外部藉產品的「隔離防護」避免有害物質的接觸感染、內部則以「滲透修補」進行身體機能的照顧與修繕。Suneeday 的赤紅色標誌代表著正向的力量,鼓勵每個奔馳的靈魂揮灑汗水、繼續出發!
Specializing in skincare product development, Suneeday is a brand of outdoor sports-related body care, positioning as a professional, healthy and innovative brand of skin protector. The enthusiasts of extreme sports are the target audiences of Suneeday. The brand focuses on the functions of products: Protection and Repair. In terms of efficacy, the external "Protection" avoids hazardous substance outside, and the internal "Repair" improves skin to recover in a sustainable way. The deep-red symbol represents a positive attitude, motivating each voyagers' soul to sweat and strive as much as possible!
品牌的主要標誌為圓形結構,以中央分隔線作為皮膚介面表現,象徵劃分外在環境與內部修復的結合與循環。Suneeday 的產品成份為草本蘆薈,但在視覺表現上與市面上的綠色產品明顯區隔:以磚紅色的跑道作為意象,主色採用鮮明單色的色彩規範,熾熱地詮釋極限運動的熱血與衝勁。圖形線條以動態感作為靈感,發展出曲度不一的多款造型,延伸應用在不同療效的包裝識別。
The main symbol of the brand is a circular structure, and the diameter above represents the surface of skin, which separates the logo into two parts: external environment and internal circulation. The product ingredients is herbal aloe, but Suneeday turns green impression of aloe to red color which inspired by running track, emphasizing the passionate spirit of extreme sportsman. The graphic lines have developed a variety of shapes with various degrees of curvature, extending to several application of packaging for different therapeutic effects.
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