捷登是提供專業咨詢、設計級生產製造的捕魚業船隻品牌。 在捕魚船業中,衡量船隻的好壞,莫過於速度、動力與方向的掌控。 捷登在設計製造上,強調其抗風浪的能力,是最能在驚濤駭浪中穩定航行,並以最快的速度抵達目標,準確下錨,快、狠、準且安全地完成任務。 標誌與品牌識別中,我們以船錨的造型表達品牌的穩定性,並且帶入海浪的造型,與海洋意向連結,表現造船業本身的形象。 除了敏捷、快速抵達的含義之外,我們更強調與客戶建立的良好關係,以互信、互助、環環相扣,培養穩定的經營模式。
Jayden designs and manufactures fishing vessels and provides professional consulting services. In the industry, control of speed, power and direction is key to a fishing vessel. The outstanding ability to sail against wind and waves is the strength of Jayden’s design and production. It allowing its vessels to sail steadily in stormy sea, reach the destination with the highest speed and anchor accurately, completing its mission in a fast and safe fashion. We integrate the shape of an anchor to emphasize steadiness of the brand. We also integrate the image of wave into its logo and brand identity to connect it to the image of ocean and shipbuilding industry. Apart from the idea of being nimble and able to arrive fast, we reinforce even more the great relationship Jayden builds with its clients and the development of a steady business mode based on mutual trust and help.
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