HEMERA,名稱源自於希臘神話中的白晝女神:最美麗的頭髮,是在太陽照曬下閃耀時的狀態。HEMERA 是一個兼具美感與實用性的生活品牌,除了針對身體清潔打造一系列的日常用品,更代表的是一種這世代對於生活的全新態度。HEMERA 以女神的秀髮為品牌繆思,以給予最全面的照顧為初衷,為頭髮添增健康的光澤。
HEMERA, the name derives from one of the Greek primordial deities, which means personification of day in Greek mythology. HEMERA believes that the most beautiful hair is while it shines under the sun. In addition to develop body toiletries for daily cleansing, HEMERA is a lifestyle brand cares about both aesthetic and practicality. The goddess' hair is the muse of the brand, to give the most comprehensive care and bring healthy luster to hair, HEMERA glows its value from inside to outside.
HEMERA 以第一支首要產品建立起品牌的核心風格定位。仙人掌的靈感來自於產品的主要原料 — 豐富的仙人掌氨基酸蛋白質;而圖像的剪紙效果則效仿馬諦斯抽象的作畫方式,賦予品牌更多的想像空間與魅力。HEMERA 的目標族群為20歲左右的年輕女性,在色彩與字體上採用輕鬆、粉嫩、陽光的氛圍來襯托,繼而傳達享受時下的生活風格態度。
HEMERA builds the core position of the brand with its primary debut product. The packaging image of cactus is inspired by the shampoo's main ingredient: the rich cactus amino acid protein. Besides, the idea of paper-cut pattern is followed from the abstract painting style of Matisse, which stimulates viewers with more imagination and creativity. The target audience of HEMERA is the young female between 20 years old. The joyful brand constructs a relaxed, soft, sunny atmosphere by color and font system, conveying the positive attitude of enjoying life.
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    2017 - Present
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    Leo Huang
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    Celine Shen
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    Sandy Hsieh
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    Chang Chieh