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Jean Care 是一款為現代都市女性量身打造的保養品牌,定位在讓肌膚安心的可靠後盾角色,營造出一個兼具時尚與高雅的品牌形象。皮膚外在的基礎保養是女性每日的課題,Jean Care 以呵護忙碌女性的初衷,研發出一系列精巧又方便攜帶的保養品:使用幾近醫療等級的優良原料,為忙碌的都市人規劃一套簡單不複雜的保養流程。Jean Care 以踏上國際舞台為目標,展現出無論內外皆並存的內涵與美好。
"You care. We care more." Jean Care is an exquisite skin care brand designed for modern urban women. The brand positions the identity in a role of a reliable shield to protect female's skin, and also construct an brand image with both fashionable and elegant atmosphere. The basic skin maintenance is the everyday routine for women. Jean Care has developed a series of exquisite and easy-carried products with the original intention of caring for busy women. The all ingredients are high-quality and nearly for medical use, and the uncomplicated and simple maintenance process are customized for the busy urbanites. Jean Care aims to embark on the international stage and show the beauty that both coexist inside and outside.
Jean Care 利用穩重的色彩規劃加上金屬的材質點綴,跳脫一般保養品預防老化的角度,在品牌高雅氣質的個性訂定獨特點。以化妝品規格的完整性為設計主軸,針對原先產品分散的問題進行改善:全系列的包裝以打凹色塊的素材變化為主要視覺系統,並使用幾何色塊及線條打造經典兼具當代的氛圍,建立起一致性的品牌形象。
By formulating a sober color system plus metal material embellishments, Jean Care sets a unique point of elegant for the brand personality, differing from the common skin care sense of preventing aging. In terms of packaging, we create a classic contemporary atmosphere with geometric colors and lines. Based on the criteria of integrity, the entire series of products also use the embossing effect as the main visual system to establish a consistent brand image.
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    Jean Care
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    Brand Identity
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    2017 - Present
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    Leo Huang
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    Mimi Tsen
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    Vivia Wang