FU LONG Brand Identity

From a historical point of view, whether in wartime or during normal life, the ship industry is born to promote a more progressive civilization. To sail stably around the vast ocean, the propeller most be one of the indispensable elements. FULONG MARINE business covers a wide range of works: from designing vessels, building ships, maintenance management, to material procurement...the field of ship output needs to combine a variety of specialties to create a fully-loaded hull spirit. FULONG MARINE's comprehensive service not only promotes Taiwan's shipbuilding industry firmly, but also shines on the international stage.
Propeller is one of the most indispensable elements for ships to sail stably in the vast sea. The idea of using kinetic energy of the propeller to propel the vessel forward is the key-point of the brand identity idea, which convey the core concept of FULONG MARINE Corporation with its positive and active characteristics. The overall shape presents a sense of dynamics, and the bubbles that roll under water represent an infinite amount of power, scrolling layered streamline to move forward. The ocean blue and sunrise golden are used for the main color language. The power that the ship sails to the future endows the brand a positive and energetic essence spirit.
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    2017 - Present
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    Leo Huang
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    Fran Dai