重現光輝 美好年代
對於美的想像, VVG 永遠擁有最纖細與最深刻的感應,真實又無可救藥地迷戀著靈魂與物質相互伸縮共鳴的次元,珍惜著情緒轉折之間若有似無的時刻。純粹的美是一種精神、一抹溫度或一組好看的傢俱:是蘊含對於生活的想像與感動,造就所有無形有形的交織;襯托那追求完美的初衷,既而成就美好生活的體驗與風景。以重現「輝煌時光」為動機,VVG 將沈澱二十年的深耕堅持及人文意識,重整嶄新樣貌與外界連結;以實踐「美好年代」為主軸,反覆檢視對美感生活的認知,將其淬煉成最呼應品牌核心的視覺意象。即使光陰荏苒,VVG 維持不讓時間消融本質的身姿,沈穩堅定地演繹下一章歲月靜好、獨屬於她的美好時光。
Implying the meaning of Very Very Good, VVG possess the most exquisite and profound perspectives for the imagination of aesthetics, cherishing the relationship between people and objects with its own unique interpretation of sensibility. The pure aesthetics is kind of a spirit, a feeling or a set of cosy furniture, which create all the invisible and tangible interweaving happen. With strong motivation to recreate her "Brilliant Time", VVG reconstructs the new looks to the public from a 20-year precipitation of deep cultivation and humanistic consciousness; to rebuild the "Wonderful Era" as purpose, the perception of aesthetic life is examined repeatedly and be transformed into the visual image that best echoes the core of the brand. Even though time flies like an arrow, VVG still maintains its essence and persistence, proceeding her good times steadily and calmly to the next chapter.
品牌策略上最明顯的改革為標誌「好」與「VVG」的主副關係對調,消弭了前者的形象、專注一心於英文字的造型呈現。視覺核心為重現品牌的美好年代與精神:在觀察 VVG 現有店面裝潢及旗下商品後,「新古典主義」18世紀的古典美學崇拜、復古回歸精神,以作為感性面的精神投射與品牌重塑為風格借鏡。標準字選用1983年的經典現代字體 Aurelia,透過歷史角度運用字體本身闡述該年代的思潮精神,以帶有精確偏執勾勒的筆畫眉角,傳達其優雅緊湊的韻律線條、少許人文主義字體 (Humanist) 的特徵。標誌的三角造型代表著美感、人文、永續:定位 VVG 品味領導者的角色,同時也賦予品牌正向影響力,引領大眾體驗幸福美好的感受。
The most obvious rebranding strategy is the exchange of priority of the brand symbol "好" and "VVG", which dispels the former and focuses on the expression of English outline. The core value of brand is to rebuild the "Wonderful Era", and incorporate different forms of aesthetics in to everyday detail. After observing VVG existing storefront decoration and products, from a sensible point of view, the spirit of classic antiquity and the adoration for aesthetics from Neoclassicism are chosen to mirror VVG's personality. Aurelia, an old style typeface developed by Hermann Zapf in 1983, is chosen as the base for VVG logotype. From a historical perspective, the robust and classic font conveys the spirit of that iconic era through its elegant line and angled crossbar, with a few Venetian and Humanist old-style feature. The triangular shape represents VVG triple main characteristics: Aesthetics, Humanity, and Sustainability, which not only indicate the role of voyager, but endue the brand with a positive influence, committed to share the most wonderful things in life.
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