泰國是個多雨、潮濕的友善國度,歡迎所有前來探索未知的旅者,點亮雙雙佈滿期待與驚喜的眼睛,獻上美食佳餚細述每一則古老的故事。「泰式料理的精華是人性的彰顯」創立第一家米其林星級泰國餐廳 nahm,把泰國菜帶上世界舞台的 David Thompson 是這麼說的。饗泰多這次的企劃重點聚焦在不同的食材地域,以當地風味特性作為視覺靈感、探索的角度咀嚼各種食譜故事,突顯自然輪廓並完整地詮釋原料的精髓。旅行是認識自己的過程,放慢都市急促的步調、專注於與食材的互動時空:這裡的料理凝聚所有寧靜、美味、困惑與魅力,如同泰國本身。
Thailand is a hospitality country, welcoming all travelers who come for exploring unknown field, and telling various ancient stories with exotic cuisine served. "The great Thai food is one of the hallmarks of humanity" said by David Thompson, the founder of the first Michelin-starred Thai restaurant nahm, who also brings Thai food to the world stage. Inspired by the provenance of regions and local recipes, the main visual image of this project composed with nature scenery by photographing, focusing on the story and heritage of the real Thai food, and exploring its true value through this journey. Food galvanizing people together; it is like a wonderful mash of culture, of serenity, of taste, of confusion, and of charm. Just like Thailand itself.
"To start an adventure of tasting" is the key message this photography project intents to convey: Siam More creates mysterious adventure stories for each dishes. All images are illustrated with different spices of powder, swaying into natural contour. The contrasting color schemes and the aroma of tropical ingredients collide with a fascinating, sophisticated Thai impression. The three main dishes are depicted with a diversity of ingredients and animal imageries: Crying Tiger faintly brings out the tiger figure with the mountain ridge line, and the stacked monstera leaves construct an original jungle image of the northeast; Thai Chili Dip restores the field landscape with mountains, rivers and elephants outlines, guiding visitors to discover rural homey cuisine; The taste of tender and rich flavor of Panang Curry relates to a golden coast in southern Thailand, decorated with river streamlines and flying birds. Siam More encourages adventurers to embrace all different kind of food from traditional Thai recipes, and to experience the most incredible journey of tasting.
  • Client
    Siam More
  • Services
    Graphic Design
    Photography proposal
  • Year
    2019 - Present
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director & Designer
    Celine Shen
  • Project Manager & Copywriting
    Vivia Wang
  • Photography
    Andrew Kan