A hospitality design firm focusing on experience design
Ontology 直學設計是一間以體驗設計為核心的室內設計公司,專精於餐旅空間規劃、商業空間與住宅設計,致力於不同領域創造新的可能。啟發自形上學「存在論、存有論」的意念,品牌名稱體現了三項精神:簡單、直白、純粹。以推動台灣設計產業整合與發展為初衷,直學藉由設計闡述自身對於文化與各種專業領域的經驗,將理想轉化為實際真正互動的空間。網站作為最廣泛宣傳的載體,讓觀者可以清楚瀏覽並容易操作;以符合視覺邏輯的架構規範頁面,引導網站使用者直覺思考與記憶。
Ontology Studio is an interior design company specializes in dining space, commercial space and residential design, and is committed to creating new possibilities in different fields. Inspired by the idea of ​​Metaphysics, the brand name reflects three spirits: simple, straightforward, and pure. In order to promote the integration and development of Taiwan's design industry, Ontology Studio demonstrate their perspective from previous experience in culture and various professional fields through design, turning the ideals into real, truly interactive spaces. As the most widely publicized platform, the website is designed to allow viewers to clearly navigate and be easy to operate. The thoughtful interface guides the user to think and remember all information intuitively in accordance with the pages that compliance with visual logic.
The website design of Ontology Studio shows a simple and intellectual characteristics. Takes functional orientation as a priority, the framework presents the project images in a perspective way: let picture replace word and telling the stories through vivid photographs. The overall architecture eliminates unnecessary functions and decorations, in addition to allowing users to get the information they need clearer and easier while browsing the internet. The black and white lines form the visual outline of the website, reducing the unnecessary color to highlight the photographic record of each project.
  • Client
    Ontology Studio
  • Services
    Web Design
  • Year
    2018 - Present
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director & Designer
    Celine Shen
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
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