XIANG DUCK, an new-style Taiwanese cuisine restaurant, aims to create a colorful visual feast with an unconstrained modern Chinese food experience. Life experience, modern design, visual feast, are the three key points of this photography project. The restaurant establishes a unique emotional memory point of Chinese culture through multiple traditional food tableware surrounded by a colorful background extended by the logo. It is a new chapter of Chinese cuisine, sensing the impactful taste with eyes. The photography method focuses on a concentrated visual effect to display the color and taste of the ingredients beyond a strong and intense environment, vividly expressing the most extraordinary moments of each dish.
The combination of multi-color and Chinese tableware is the main topic of this photography strategy. Chopsticks is a symbol of Chinese culture and Asian cuisine, the bridge between food and diners, an emotional trigger of creating a sense of connection. These pictures focus on the process and actions of food preparation: sprinkling powder, dripping sauce, and stacking ingredients. In addition to increasing the interaction with food, these photos also record the most coveted moments of each dishes. Regarding to color system, part of the backgrounds are decorated with jasper red to represent a nostalgic and traditional aura, and others are arranged with more vivid colors: white, blue, yellow, green. The modern Chinese style bowl and plate without golden ring are selected for tableware shooting, with the color of pale white porcelain plate and glaze for priority, emphasizing and highlighting the food protagonist position.
  • Client
  • Services
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guideline
    Logo & Logotype
    Photography proposal
  • Year
    2018 - Present
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designer
    Fran Dai
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Photography
    Andrew Kan