西元 1855 年是葡萄酒的時代座標,拿破崙三世建立波爾多酒莊的分級制度,推對南法酒鄉對紅白酒年份重要性之意識,成就那豐饒果實的美好年代。1855 Premier Cru 卓越酒莊以酒為媒介,在舊世界背景下創建一席文化交流的品酩空間,一所神秘優雅的都會俱樂部。承襲十八世紀的精髓與風土,品牌詮釋出文藝復興時期的古典精神,刻劃一枚象徵經典年代的標誌。葡萄酒以豐實的歲月歷史印證其價值,在杯觥交錯間由歲月釀製精華,譜出甘醇與苦澀、微醺與芬芳交織的耐人尋味。
1855 is a significant milestone in the world of wine – the year in which Bordeaux Chateau was first classified by Emperor Napoleon III. The Bordeaux Classification of 1855 has had a lasting effect on the wine industry, which is also a period of Belle Époque for Bordeaux wine. 1855 Premier Cru is a mysterious and elegant city salon, an urban oasis that established for cultrual communication under the background of the old world. Inheriting the essence and terroir of the 18th century, the brand symbol is designed to interpret the spirit of the classic era of Renaissance. Intertwined with the essence of bittersweet and fragrance, grape wine presents the most luscious value over the years.
品牌塑造出與葡萄造型、色彩相對呼應的標誌:圓潤的外型是葡萄釀酒與豐饒果實的象徵,精緻的數字則帶有對年份的推崇;數字 1 的下緣線條暗喻酒杯的底座,以及葡萄酒的頂級品質。英文標準字體 Gordian 追溯自古羅馬石刻大寫字母,而字體設計者同時也是一位釀酒師;Gordian 擁有古典美感線條的骨幹,並融合現代字體的輪廓氛圍。因應不同的使用場合,品牌發展出多彩多型態的形象規範。標誌的葡萄球體經過切割、重疊、轉化,搭配文藝復興時期的油畫作品,將古典藝術作品與現代幾何元素碰撞出新的可能;以新舊融合的視覺語彙,襯托多樣口感與香氣的品酒文化。
The brand creates a logo that echoes the appearance and color of grape and wine: Circle shape defines the impression of grape, and the exquisite numbers present the value of year 1855. In addition, the lower edge of number 1 not only represents the base of wine glass, but the high-quality of wine. Gordian, chosen as brand's English primary typeface, is a classical sans-serif typeface inspired by Roman inscriptional lettering, and the font designer himself is also a winemaker. Gordian is constructed by classical aesthetic lines, while blending the contours of modern aura. Applies on different circumstances, 1855 Premier Cru formulates various visual methods for the branding system. The image of grape sphere is sliced, overlapped, transformed, then arrenged with Renaissance oil paintings, which collides new possibilities through combining trandotional and modern elements, to glow this extraordinary wine culture.
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