時代積累經驗 熱誠揉捻芬芳
珍惜沏泡精神 傳香隔世好茶
台灣以優質茶葉揚名國際,每片茶葉蘊含來自土地的故事,從歷史傳承珍貴的經驗、技術、與工藝。UTEE 產業合作計畫,是政府與在地茶農合作的遴選機制:凝聚眾多製茶師的經驗,致力將台灣茶葉文化推廣到全世界,樹立精品茶旅指南的基石。28 間亮點茶莊各自擁有獨特的溫度,用時代積累經驗、熱誠揉捻芬芳,珍惜每一瓣葉枝蕊梗沏泡的傳香好茶,從茶園生態品賞生活。
Taiwan's premium tea is well-known around the world, and the story starts and ends with each unique tea estate whom have many generations of experiences and craftsmanships. United Tea Estates Enterprise, also known as UTEE is a cooperative project conducted by government and local tea estates, harnessing a wealth of experience to deliver the best quality tea to the world. The 28 different tea which specially selected from 28 tea estates express their own outstanding flavors, navigating visitors to experience a unique perspective of life from tea tasting.
品牌以山間層層梯田、獨一無二的指紋痕跡作為靈感,由 UTEE 四個字母組成一款象徵茶葉認證的標誌。正面的外盒設計以鏤空加工,呈現如同群山環繞的層次立體感,而標準字烙上燙金顯現商品價值。包裝選用質地溫和的大地草綠色調,以北東南中四大區域劃分,分別配置深淺不一的綠色,應用於盒中茶包鋁袋。UTEE 期望以精品茶葉連結群眾,藉由這組集結各方好茶的禮盒,探索一場品茗馨香的茶旅體驗。
The brand image was inspired by the layers of terraces in mountains and the unique fingerprint traces. The logo consists of four alphabet "UTEE" which represents the certification of tea quality. Hollow logo on package presents a layered three-dimensional effect , and the standard characters are gold-stamped to show the value of the product. A mild texture of earthy grass green palette applied on tea bag design, categorized into four major areas: north, east, south and central. By promoting this delicate tea bags gift set, UTEE aims to connect people by exploring a journey to taste Taiwan through tea.
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    UTEE 亮點茶莊
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    2019 - Present
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