Blueseeds 芙彤園為台灣的精油香氛及洗沐用品品牌,採用慢製熟成的自然農法,完整保存來自大地的精華,以全天然產品凝萃大自然源源不絕的生命力。品牌原有形象面臨對外溝通不明確的問題,消費者無法接收核心訴求,在體現國際視野時也受到局限;因此針對標誌形象、產品包裝執行全面性的重塑。人文、自然、精萃為設計調整的主軸,收斂起原本形象中較尖銳的元素,帶入更多自然能量的輪廓,展現呼應土地本質的純粹精神。Blueseeds 相信土地的力量是人生命力的來源;從大地的角度出發,讓一切回歸原始狀態,貼近自然並與之共生。
Blueseeds is a local brand produces natural essential oil, fragrance and cleaning products in Taiwan. The brand strives to incorporate the use of natural materials into everyday life. By using proprietary natural farming know-how and natural extraction methods, Blueseeds preserve the essence of earth with zero chemical footprint. Blueseeds's original logo faced the issue that consumers could not receive brand's spirit and message clearly, which also reflects the limitation on international development. Humanities, nature, and essence are the core ideas of this comprehensive rebranding project. By replacing sharp elements with smoother contours implying nature, the objective of the adjustment is to express the pure spirit echoing the essence of land. Blueseeds believes that energy from the earth is the origin of human vitality, basing on the faith about back to zero, keep it natural.
品牌標誌以英文作為優先溝通:字型介於襯線與非襯線之間,有別於傳統的 Bracket serif,起筆收筆融合了 Sans serif 的韻味,具有現代而優美的人文氣息;筆畫線條粗細變化分明,傳達高級而典雅的氛圍;小寫 d 與 e 以豆狀線條描繪,源於品牌一切取自自然的初衷。色盤主色選用深碧、竹青、淺米傳達植林綠意,輔助色則以明度較低的深綠、淡藍、灰白作為搭配,同時也將香氛產品獨立定義出十款香調代表色。品牌旗下商品支系繁複,為確保瓶子包裝在視覺達到統一,八種規格分別有相應的設計規範。客製化的禮盒以眺望香氛風景的概念,延伸至三套不同結構與內容物的精裝盒。
Blueseeds's logo is designed in English for international communication. The font is between serif and non-serif, different from traditional Bracket serif, it combines the skeleton of Sans serif and presents an elegant, modern atmosphere. The lines of the strokes vary in thickness, conveying a high-class and flexible impression; the lowercase "d" and "e" are depicted with bean-shaped lines, which stems from the brand's intention of returning to nature. Deep grayish olive, benzol green, and beige are selected as the three primary colors to respond the energy of natural green; dark green, light blue, and gray with low value are chosen as the auxiliary colors. Since the product line is complicated and scattered, packaging are classified into eight categories under the same system to achieve visual unification. The customized gift box extends to three sets of hardcover boxes with different structures and contents, picturing the concept of vast fragrance landscape on the outside packaging.
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    2020 - Present
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    Leo Huang
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    Celine Shen
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    Vivia Wang