記憶沒有固定的輪廓或型態,可以是嗅覺、觸覺、味覺的想像;Kassifa 咖啡機與 Kcoal 咖啡豆兩個品牌作為烙印咖啡印象的媒介,譜寫一幅探索味蕾的咖啡地圖。呼應第四次咖啡浪潮著重機器更新的趨勢,Kassifa 優化設備以提升咖啡及互動空間的品質。水是咖啡的其一靈魂,堅持對水的控管才能成就最好的咖啡;品牌優勢在於精準掌控對水溫、流速、水柱旋繞的設定,同時彈性使用他牌濾杯濾壺等器具,展現商品的搭配自由度。科技的進步為想像營造更大的空間,除了探索原料的各種可能性,也為每一杯咖啡編織回味無窮的味蕾故事。
Memory has no fixed form or shape, it can be any imagination of smell, touch and taste. Kassifa the coffee machine brand, and Kcoal the coffee bean brand, aim to make a map of exploring coffee aroma. In response to the Fourth Wave Coffee, which focuses on science of coffee and the obsession to detail and perfect taste experience, Kassifa optimized equipment to improve the quality of coffee. Water is one of the most important part of coffee. Only by insisting on the control of water can achieve the best taste. The brand advantage lies in the precise control of the water temperature, flow rate, and water column rotation settings, and the flexibility of using other brand implement. The advancement of technology creates a broader space for imagination. In addition to exploring the various possibilities of materials and ingredients, it also writes the next chapter of coffee history.
Kassifa 的標誌概念為釋放光熱的時間控制者:手沖咖啡注重時間的掌握,而 Kassifa 的機器能精準控制水的流速。以代表能量釋放的星芒意象、寧靜沈穩的銀藍色調,賦予標誌更多感性層面的詮釋。Kcoal 咖啡豆則承攬了手沖咖啡的精髓:溫度是萃取優質咖啡的關鍵之一,Kcoal 將其視為品鑑的嶄新溫標與標準。包裝根據不同的風味主軸,賦予八種口味專屬的抽象幾何圖形;圖形皆以圓形構成,與品牌°度的圓形相互呼應,以簡潔俐落的版面編排,呈現品牌兼容理性與感性的自信態度。兩個品牌各以「時間」與「溫度」成就咖啡的最高標準值,創造獨一無二的品飲美學。
The logo design of Kassifa is inspired by the concept of time controller that releases light and heat. The quality of pour over coffee depends on the accuracy of time control, and Kassifa's machine can precisely control the flow of water. The star icon, which represents the release of energy, with the calm silver-blue tone, brings the brand a sense of sensibility and cleverness. Kcoal abstracts the essence of pour over coffee: temperature is one of the key element to extracting high-quality coffee, and Kcoal regards it as a new standard for tasting. According to different flavor themes, the packaging gives eight flavors exclusive geometric pattern. The graphics are all consist of circles, echoing the degree symbol with a simple and neat layout, showing the brand's self-confident attitude that compatible with rationality and sensibility. By controlling "time" and "temperature" precisely to achieve the highest standard value of coffee, the two brands create its unique sense of coffee aesthetics.
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