UTEE 亮點茶莊是台灣茶葉的遴選標竿,也是亞洲茶文化的推動者。傳統的東方茶文化重視文人雅趣,以「山水」為題材,藉暈染、漸層等手法呈現東方意境。品牌翻轉此種視覺溝通語彙:保留東方水墨畫中的層次韻味,同時加入西方字母元素,重新詮釋一個跨文化、雅俗共賞的新時代茶飲態度;以相對現代、簡約直白的畫面與消費者對話,以茶會友並與之共鳴。
UTEE is the selection benchmark for Taiwanese tea and the promoter of Asian tea culture. The traditional oriental tea culture values literature and elegance. "Landscapes" is the common theme to present oriental atmosphere by means of blending and gradation. The brand attempt to flips this kind of visual language: retaining the layered effect of oriental ink paintings, while bringing western alphabet elements to reinterpret a new era of cross-cultural, modern time and a unique tea tasting attitude. Dialogue with audience by straightforward, simple graphics, UTEE aims to resonate the pure power of tea, and relates it to the public as much as possible.
雲霧繚繞、層疊相連的綿延山脈,是東方文化常見的創作元素。東方文字常以漸層與墨韻刻畫,品牌將這種手法應用於英文字體:取用茶種字首 "B, G, O, F" 作為主軸,打破以往飲茶文化纖細空靈的意象,以圓潤的英文字體加上漸層效果,創造香氣由裡而外散發的氛圍,將視覺體驗引導更深層的嗅覺想像。印刷採用高雅的淺灰為基底,搭配小範圍的明亮色彩點綴,提升整體價值與質感。
The rolling mountains surrounded by clouds and mist are the general creative element in Eastern culture. Oriental typeface is often portrayed with layered ink rhyme. The brand applies this technique to English fonts: using the prefix of different tea flavor "B, G, O, F" as the main symbol, breaking the impression of traditional tea culture that the tea packaging design should be slender and ethereal. The packaging uses rounded English fonts and gradation effect to create an atmosphere where the fragrance is emitted from the inside out, guiding the visual experience to a deeper olfactory imagination. In order to enhance the overall value and quality, the printing uses elegant light gray as the base color, and decorate with the vivid and bright colors.
  • Client
    UTEE 亮點茶莊
  • Services
    Packaging Design
  • Year
    2020 - Present
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designer
    Mimi Tsen
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Typeface
    Univers LT Pro
    M 翔鶴黑體 TC