Three Leafs x ONE ART Taipei 2021

ONE ART Taipei 2021 藝術台北為知名飯店型藝術博覽會,邀請各國當代藝廊、藝術家、及藝術品參與這場年度盛事,薈萃人文精華,碰撞出閃耀火花。三叶 Three Leafs 為展會的 VIP 嘉賓帶來台灣茶葉,準備了相較常態款更優質的東方美人茶,在互動式的空間中提供一對一的品茗體驗,致力傳承茶的工藝與故事,與世界搭建起縷縷綿長雋永的芬芳。
ONE ART Taipei 2021 Art Taipei creates the best hotel art fair in Asia that invites contemporary art galleries, artists, and artworks from all over the world to participate in this annual event, gathering fabulous people and artworks in the hotel. Three Leafs brought Taiwanese tea to VIP guests at the exhibition, and prepared a higher-quality oriental beauty tea compared with the original one. Three Leafs provides an one-by-one tea tasting experience in an interactive space, dedicated to inheriting the craftsmanship and story of tea, and building the fragrant connection with the world.
這款限定茶罐採用純淨潔白的包裝,如同尚未沾染任何色彩的畫布,呼應藝術展的理念與各種創意的可能性。帶有手感的紙質上燙上霧銀,賦予商品優雅內斂的氣質,除了顯現茶葉的精品質感,也應證了職人的本心意念。作為提供給 VIP 來賓的限定茶飲,除了味覺整體做提升,也在視覺上達到符合展場的藝術氛圍。
This limited edition tea is packaged in pure and white texture, like a canvas that has not been stained with any color, echoing the concept of art exhibition and the possibilities of various creativity. The paper decorated with foiled silver typography has a hand-feeling texture, giving the tea box an elegant and exquisite personality. As a special tea provided to VIP guests, in addition to impressing people's taste experience, it also conforms to the artistic atmosphere of the exhibition.
  • Client
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  • Year
    2021 Jan
  • Art Director
    Leo Huang
  • Designers
    Leo Huang
    Amanda Teng
  • Copywriting
    Vivia Wang