慧眼獨具 精巧細膩
AKPC 成立於 2021 年,是由 Andrew Kan 干智安所成立的攝影工作室。Andrew 擅長食物與平面攝影,細膩大膽地操作不同量體的專案,賦予每一幅畫面獨到的巧思與靈魂。AKPC 的客戶類型廣泛,從國際企業到在地品牌,累積豐富多元的專業經驗;Andrew 透過銳利精準的鏡頭,拿捏恰到好處的大器氛圍。
Established in 2021, AKPC is a photography studio founded by Andrew Kan. Andrew specializes in food and graphic photography, and he operates different projects delicately and boldly, creating vivid images with unique point of view. AKPC serves various type of customers, from international companies to local brands, building precise atmosphere in each projects and accumulate professional experience.
攝影是一項需要細心與耐心的工作,品牌呼應這樣的想法,從設計的輪廓展現 AKPC 的重點特質:細膩靈巧的拍攝節奏、渾然天成的擺設功力、專注用心的工作態度。標誌由英字 AKPC 組成,用文字錯位的效果表現 Andrew 帥氣隨性、獨樹一格的人格個性;飽和亮眼的螢光綠色,網印在磅數較高的灰色手感紙上,營造品牌獨一無二的樣貌。
Photographer is a job that requires patience and carefulness. The brand echoes the key characteristics of AKPC from the outline of the design: delicate and dexterous shooting rhythm, skillful display talent, and dedicated working attitude. The brand logo is composed of English words AKPC, and the dislocation effect of text, saturated and bright fluorescent green, express Andrew's neat, casual and unique personality.
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    March 2021
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    Leo Huang
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    Celine Shen
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    Vivia Wang