Lightplus 引進歐洲實用性與藝術性兼具的燈飾品牌,將每一個燈具視為一件藝術品,精準地安排在乾淨清晰的舞台上。網站如同一處展示空間,將主角的位置留給燈具,在黑灰白、低彩度等低調背景下,靜謐地展演產品本身。透過完整的網站建置,Lightplus 提供如觀遊畫廊般的體驗,讓使用者在瀏覽過程中不斷探索經典之作,簡單流暢的介面也讓他們與平台快速建立聯繫。藉由網站的引導,每個人都可以在這裡找到心中最理想的光。
Lightplus introduces European lighting brands that are both practical and artistic, and views each product as an artwork, accurately arranged on a clean and clear stage. The website is like a display space, the most obvious position will keep for the products, highlighting them in a low-key background such as black, gray, and low chroma. Lightplus creates a gallery experience, transforming physical interior space into online platform, encouraging users to explore classic artworks during browsing, and quickly establishes the connection between customers and products. With the guidance of the website, everyone can find their ideal light in Lightplus.
Lightplus 的品牌種類繁多,網站除了展現商品的價值所在,如何讓瀏覽者更加了解背後的故事與意涵,是整個專案的重點。網站的英文大標字型 Antic Didone 以修長的高度、俐落精巧的襯線造型,完美襯托每一盞燈具,提升網站的精緻度跟細膩感。進入產品內頁後,首先映入眼簾是最具畫面感的情境圖,讓觀者初步瞭解其商品適合的環境;滾動捲軸後是基本的簡介資訊,並逐步介紹品牌、創作者,依循建構其最完整的樣貌。Lightplus 的網站不僅是呈現資訊的平台,也是連結人與光的橋樑。
Lightplus introduces a wide variety of brands. In addition to displaying the value of the product, how to make the viewer more aware of the story and history behind the lighting is the main goal of this project. The English font Antic Didone, with its slender height and neat, exquisite serif shape, perfectly sets off every products and enhances the delicacy of the website. After entering the information page, the first thing that comes into view is the official product imaget, allowing viewer to get a preliminary understanding that what environment this product suits for; while rolling the scroll, the basic introduction, brand and creator, will gradually show up to constructs a complete appearance. Lightplus website is not only a platform for presenting information, but also a bridge linking people and light.
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    Web Design
  • Year
    Jun 2021
  • Art Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director & Designer
    Celine Shen
  • Project Manager & Copywriting
    Vivia Wang
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