Transforming strong ideas into good design.


Transform Design 瑜悅設計是一間以企劃力策動品牌創新的專業設計公司。我們為每個無形的概念詮釋精準獨特的樣貌,在想像與實踐的平衡間,建立適當的觀點及高度。設計是生活體驗的視覺載體,也是反應當代社會的圖像語言。我們相信唯有透過不斷的創新與改變,才能為品牌創造獨一無二的價值。

Transform Design is a comprehensive design company that leverages strategic planning to drive brand innovation. We are committed in transforming intangible concept into precise and unique visual identity; navigating between imagination and practicality, we establish appropriate perspective and vision. Design embodies life experiences and is the reflection of contemporary society. Transform Design believes, only through constant improvement and revolution can we really develop the most unparalleled value for each distinct project.



  • Leo Huang

    Chief Creative Director, Founder

    Leo Huang

    瑜悅設計 Transform Design 的創辦人黃國瑜 Leo Huang,深耕於品牌設計領域,擅長掌握企業與品牌的樣貌,找出事物的本質並提出解決的方案。Leo 從不停止對新知識與設計方法的渴求,總是帶領著團隊不斷地思考如何再次突破。無論是為品牌創造一個更好的解決策略,或是執行令人興奮的設計方案,都秉持著專業的態度竭盡所能地去實踐。

    Leo 總是樂於分享自己對品牌經營的想法與經驗,長期在學學文創擔任講師,並為企業擔任品牌顧問的角色。烹飪與閱讀也是他長期投入的嗜好,近期更創建 “Leoreading_official” 閱讀計畫平台,分享他的所學所想。

    Leo Huang, founder of Transform Design, is deeply involved in the field of brand design. He is adept at grasping the appearance of enterprises and brands, finding the essence of things, and proposing solutions. Leo never stops thirsting for new knowledge and design methods, constantly leading the team to think about breakthroughs. Whether it is to create better strategic solutions for the brand, or to implement exciting design plans, he always maintains a professional attitude and adheres to best practices.

    Leo is passionate about sharing his insights and experiences. He has been a long-term lecturer at Xue Xue and has also acted as a brand consultant for various companies.

    Cooking and reading are also his long-term hobbies. Recently, he created the “Leoreading_official” reading plan platform to share his learnings and thoughts.

  • Celine Shen

    Celine 在瑜悅設計擔任藝術總監及設計師的角色,也是 Leo 的創業夥伴。Celine 善於建構自己的獨到觀點,對細節總有無止盡的追求,這讓她的作品不僅細膩,更擁有令人驚豔的魅力。她也運用自身對於美感的體會,為團隊注入富有創意和廣闊的視覺思維,使她成為團隊中不可或缺的核心人物。她也是米糕和小弟的媽媽。

    Celine serves as the Art Director and designer at Transform Design, and is also Leo's business partner. Celine is proficient at constructing her unique perspective, and her endless pursuit of details makes her work not only delicate but also stunningly charming. She also uses her own understanding of aesthetics and her holistic visual thinking to inject creativity into the team, making her an indispensable core figure. She is also the mother of Migao and Didi.

  • Tzu Yi Lee

    姿毅 在團隊中擔任專案經理。身為瑜悅設計內部與外部的溝通橋樑,她喜歡與人交流,有她在的地方總是充滿著活力與溫度。她也善於挖掘事物背後的有趣故事,在談話間尋找更多的可能。她擁有天馬行空的想像力,善於用文字與繪畫紀錄生活,熱愛爬山及大自然。

    Tzu Yi serves as the project manager in the team. As the bridge of communication both internally and externally at Transform Design, she enjoys interacting with people and always brings vitality and warmth wherever she is. She is also good at digging out the interesting stories behind things, looking for more possibilities in conversations. She has a wild imagination, is good at recording life with words and drawings, and loves mountaineering and nature.

  • Mimi Tsen

    Mimi 是團隊中的 Lead Designer。她擁有豐富的設計經驗,重視細節、擅長換位思考,並試圖在創新與實踐中取得平衡。面對各種挑戰,她總能條理分明地逐步轉化問題,引領團隊達成目標,是深受團隊信賴的可靠夥伴。Mimi 也喜歡動物,家中飼有Nina及龍二兩隻貓。興趣為海外獨旅、文化觀察、文具設計。

    Mimi is the Lead Designer in the team. With rich design experience, she pays attention to details, excels at empathy, and strives to achieve a balance between innovation and practicality. Faced with various challenges, she can always logically and gradually transform problems, leading the team to achieve its goals. She is a reliable partner who is deeply trusted by the team. Mimi also likes animals and has two cats, Nina and Ryuji. Her interests include traveling abroad solo, making cultural observations, and stationery design.

  • Amanda Teng

    曼達是團隊中網站專案的 Lead Designer。她的設計兼具功能與美學觀點,善於梳理客戶需求,理性分析使用上的利弊。她熱衷於學習新知與技能,總是能在視覺表現中帶來出乎意料的驚喜。Amanda 重視生活情調,喜愛美食、沖咖啡、看電影等,家中飼有兩隻貓咪吉吉和咪咪。

    Amanda serves as the Lead Designer for website projects within the team. Her designs seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, as she excels in understanding client requirements and conducting rational analyses of usability. She is passionate about learning new knowledge and skills, consistently bringing unexpected surprises through visual expressions. Amanda values the quality of life and enjoys indulging in gourmet food, brewing coffee, and watching movies. She has two cats, Jiji and Mimi, at home.

  • Chen Chia Chen

    建嘉 他對設計有著無比的耐心與堅持,總能在作品中看見他的細膩與溫度。他喜愛悠遊在創作的心流中,探索各種可能性,最終收攏歸納,成就出精彩的作品。他樂於享受生活,喜愛音樂、電影、吉娃娃、小熊軟糖和水果。

    Chen Chia has an unparalleled patience and persistence for design, you can always see his delicacy and warmth in his works. He loves to wander in the flow of creation, exploring all kinds of possibilities before finally summarizing them into a grand synthesis. He enjoys life, loves music, movies, Chihuahuas, gummy bears, and fruits.

  • Kai Nan Wu

    木南 她感性而思緒跳躍,常有出奇不意的點子,總能為團隊帶來不同的創意與觀點。木南深受動漫文化影響,有著酷帥又可愛的混搭風格;自認爲擅長的才藝表演是學狗叫。

    Kai Nan is sentimental and her thoughts often leap towards unexpected ideas, and is always able to bring different creativity and perspectives to the team. Influenced by anime culture, Kai Nan has a cool and cute mix-and-match style; she considers her talent to be imitating dog barks.

  • Yu An Wang

    郁安 擁有藝術與設計背景,善於透過觀察、從不同角度深入思考。她喜歡學習新事物以及嘗試各種可能性,並且善於團隊溝通與合作。她喜歡可愛小動物、甜點、觀賞影劇及享受獨處時光。

    Yu An has a background in art and design, and is good at observing and thinking deeply from different angles. She likes to learn new things and try various possibilities, and she is good at team communication and cooperation. She likes cute little animals, desserts, watching movies and dramas, and cherishing solitary moments.

  • Hsing Yu Yen

    星佑 團隊中的動態設計與數位實驗擔當,致力於悠游在數位的世界裡,探索不同的可能性。信仰是只要卡通看得越多,動態就會做得越好。雖然自認是一個理性大於感性的人,但最喜歡迪士尼以及橡皮管動畫!

    Hsing Yu is the motion design and digital experimentation expert within the team, dedicated to navigating the digital realm and exploring various possibilities. His belief is that the more cartoons he watch, the better he will become at animating. Although he considers himself more rational than emotional, his favorites include Disney and rubber hose animation!