Purity, Naturalness, and Self-confidence.
SEMIOTIC 定位在中高端保養品,不定義性別,跳脫保養品市場聚焦於女性的既定印象,展現堅毅、不柔弱的態度。商品不含任何化學添加物,以簡潔的排版、無特別圖形的設計方法,展現原料的純粹與天然感。如同凝固在某種狀態,液體與玻璃罐的軟硬融合象徵一種更多元、開放的選擇,在多維度的空間展現無限的可能性。
SEMIOTIC located at middle and high-end skin care markets, breaking the stereotypes of female customer, embracing every types of people with a firm, confident attitude. The products do not contain any chemical additives, and present the pure and natural sense of raw materials with a simple, neat layout. As if frozen in a certain state, the soft and hard fusion of liquid and glass jar symbolize a more diverse and open choice, showing infinite possibilities in a multi-dimensional space.
The brand shows a power from the inside with a steady attitude of self-confidence. Echoing the purity and naturalness of the ingredients, the photography presented in an original and unrefined way. In terms of structure, stones with natural texture are selected, embedded into the bottle body and stacked into a native state. All visual design are black and white, eliminating colorful or gray tones, focusing on the performance of monochrome and materials. The overall picture presents a delicate and individual atmosphere, guiding users to find their unique appearance.
  • Client
  • Services
    Packaging Design
    Photography Proposal
  • Year
    Jul 2022
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designer
    Leo Huang
    Mimi Tsen
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Typeface
    PP Eiko
    Century Gothic
  • Photography
  • Logo & Bottle Design
  • Special Thanks
    Rossi Yang