財源滾滾 前程似錦
無拘無束 馳騁未來
McLaren 創始以來維持勇於挑戰及追求勝利的精神,不僅在賽車史中留下輝煌篇章,更持續在科技與技術上做出突破;品牌提供絕佳性能與良好的駕駛體驗,打造科技駕馭奢華的專屬生活品味。

本次春節禮盒強調 McLaren 創造未來及打破限制的意念,以鮮豔大膽的滿版圖案,呈現品牌不受限制、年輕大膽的個性。圖騰以非線性、自由交錯的賽道連續圖形為主,象徵McLaren並非跟隨主流地直線前進,而是自由大膽地探索前方道路。畫面加入與操控方向相關的車體裝飾圖紋:如品牌獨特的方向盤、新技術的輪胎等,圓形造型呼應錢幣意象,傳遞時來運轉、財源滾滾的祝福,為整體包裝畫龍點晴。
Since its inception, McLaren has maintained the spirit of being brave to challenge and pursuing victory. It has not only created brilliant achievements in the history of racing, but also continued to make breakthroughs in technology and performance. The brand is dedicated to providing exquisite craftwork and excellent driving experience, and creates an exclusive lifestyle that combines technology with luxury.

This Lunar New Year gift box emphasizes McLaren's spirit of navigating to the future and breaking limitations. With bright and bold full-page patterns, it presents the brand's unrestricted, young and brave personality. The non-linear and interlaced track continuous graphics symbolize that McLaren does not follow the mainstream in a straight line, but explores the road ahead freely and boldly. The packaging includes decorative patterns on the car body: such as the unique steering wheel, innovative tire technology, etc, and the circular shape echoes the image of the coin, conveying the blessings of good fortune and wealth.

互相交錯的賽道造型,表現品牌承先啟後的精神,交織過往輝煌與創新未來。McLaren 代表字母 “M” 隱藏在俐落的線性圖騰中,連結品牌與賽道的直接關係。搭配年節主題,設計將獨特輪胎設計與金幣造型結合,傳遞財源廣進的祝福。

設計延續賽道概念,將駕駛軌跡化為筆畫,結合流暢筆觸與賽道速度感,模擬書法體寫下祝福五字:麥、吉、春、福、滿。整體融合時尚圖騰與大器年輕的字型,在斗方的空間裡展示無盡可能,體現 McLaren 新穎潮流的特性。
Packaging Design|Bright and trendy Color Palette
Composed of an acrylic box and a pull-out color box, the festive red is chosen to celebrate the new year. The design team used the masking property of acrylic to create interesting interactive effects: the year and coin graphics will appear when the user pull out the box. The blessing words are interlaced with the year, hoping that the year 2023 will lead to a new road and a new goal.

Red Envelope Design|Control Element & Auspicious Totems
The interlaced racetrack interweaves the past glory and innovative future. According to this idea, the letter "M" is hidden in the neat linear totem, linking the direct relationship between the brand and the racetrack. The design combines the unique tire design with the shape of gold coins to convey the blessing of wealth.

Square Spring Couplets|Racetrack in Intricate Lines
Turn the driving trajectory into strokes, the red couplets design combine smooth lines and track speed to write five characters in calligraphy: "麥, 吉, 春, 福, 滿". The bold and youthful font shows endless possibilities in the square red paper, reflecting the characteristics of McLaren's infinite energy.
  • Client
    McLaren Taiwan
  • Services
    Packaging Design
  • Year
    Dec 2022
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designer
    Jha Zhang
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Print
  • Photographer