INATTENTION 意指分心、漫不經意,是專注與失焦之間的轉換帶,也是平衡生活的調節器。在時下明快的生活節奏中,人們往往關心太多事物而分心;因此 INATTENTION 在每一個分心的日常,揀選品牌所專注的美好事物與故事,隨意無壓力地分享。INATTENTION 所主張的生活態度,是從一些小事物累積起的品味,無形中成為每個人的樣子:不用很完美、不特別用力,從內而外散發出來的真實,是特別吸引人的模樣。
“What draws our attention brings us joy." Living in an era in flux, people often find themselves baffled with concerns and distraction. "INATTENTION" aims to serve as a threshold, taking the preoccupied mind to a calm and peaceful zone. Carrying its notion as ease, the brand concentrates to discover and share the unique moments of joy in life. "INATTENTION" accumulates appreciation and inspiration, quietly manifests itself in people: avoiding the pressure for perfection and showing the love for true self, authenticity reflects the most glamorous qualities in one and for all.
不輕易被定型、不做作不強求,是 INATTENTION 所代表的品牌價值。標誌選用現代俐落的瘦長字型,精簡筆劃、鏡射字母,在最小的變化中探索無限的可能,追尋一種平衡但不安逸於現狀的節奏。動態版的標誌採用雜訊效果,如同失焦在資訊的洪流裡。團隊在設計中加入許多不經意的細節,希望讓這不被定義的圖形,合理地投射在各種人事物上。INATTENTION 鼓勵人們放大感官、自由調整焦距;在追求品味與質感的路上,是不停止學習與探索的每一天。
"INATTENTION" represents the spirit not to be defined. The sleek and slim expression of our logo entails infinite possibilities, seeking harmony yet remains ambitious. The animated logo adapts the noise effect to symbolize the chaotic tide and flood of information. The team envisions the design to precisely captures the moment of distraction that takes place everyday inside our mind. "INATTENTION" encourages people to amplify their senses, to push the boundaries and never stop exploring.
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    Brand Identity
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  • Year
    Feb 2023
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
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    Celine Shen
    Leo Huang
    Jha Zhang
    Amanda Teng
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang