優雅知性 簡約內斂
VVG 是一個台灣知名的美學生活品牌,全名為 Very Very Good。這組客戶所遇到的問題是在未建立系統的情況下,從母品牌往下發展子品牌的速度過快,導致子品牌過於分散、模糊了客人對於品牌的印象。在這個專案中除了重新設計品牌標誌,同時釐清 VVG 的子品牌相對關係、整理出清楚架構系統,分別賦予單一品牌正確的視覺形象。依循完善的標誌系列與品牌架構系統,網站做為社群平台的主要溝通媒介,讓消費者在瀏覽時快速清楚地搜尋資訊,並藉由使用者體驗拉近距離。
VVG is a well-known aesthetic life brand in Taiwan, the full-name of brand is Very Very Good. The problem encountered by this brand is that its sub-brands extended too fast while the brand system was not established, which makes the sub-brands too scattered and blurs customers' impression to VVG. In addition to redesigning the logo, we also organized all VVG's sub-brands into a clear diagram, giving them the appropriate visual image separately. Following the comprehensive logo visual guideline and brand architecture system, VVG's website serves as the main communication medium for social network platform, allowing consumers to quickly search for information while browsing, and to strengthen the connection with website user.
在這個專案中,前期的架構企劃與後期的設計執行同等重要。VVG 擁有多樣產業的子品牌:餐廳、選品、藝文;我們將這些品牌仔細分類,依循品牌核心形象,分別制定不同子品牌的識別。從品牌的定位延伸到網站視覺,整體調性維持品牌內斂的個性:優雅、知性、與正向影響力,是視覺設計的核心概念。為了避免重複以往品牌混亂的情況,網站的選單分類也是這次規劃的重點:不同頁面採用不同層次的塊狀堆疊背景,建立觀者潛意識下的閱讀軌跡,引導使用者快速搜尋到資訊。整體版面以自然原生色調搭配簡約俐落排版,呼應品牌永續發展的初衷。
For this rebranding project, the previous research is as important as the later stage design part. VVG has more than twenty sub-brands in various industry: restaurants, select shop, bookstore and etc. We classified them and developed a graphic system, from the core brand image to the sub-brand symbols. From brand identity to website design, the overall tone maintains the personality of the brand: elegance, intellectuality, and positive influence, which are the core concepts of visual design. To avoid repeating the visual confusion, menu category of website is one of the most important point of the project. Different pages are designed with different levels of block stacking background to establish a reading trajectory under the viewer's subconscious, guiding they to find the information directly. The overall layout is decorated with natural native tones and minimalist layout, echoing the brand's original intention of sustainable development.
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    Brand Identity
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    2018 - Present
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    Leo Huang
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    Celine Shen
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    Vivia Wang
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    Aurelia Com Book
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