Exploring Meals on Unknown Planets.
星宇航空為台灣首家於 A350 客機配有頭等艙的航空公司,僅四席的空間享有絕佳隱密度及隔音性,提供注重質感的乘客前所未有的體驗。「尾翼」是決定飛行穩定性的重要結構,也是品牌標誌的精髓;團隊深化此概念並創造專屬的視覺語彙,應用於餐酒單的書套正反面縫線、內頁封面打凹、與磁吸書扣處。精裝書套使用強調環保永續的鳳梨纖維皮革製作,而內頁封面則採用峻揚紙業的紗蘿紙,兩者的材質特性皆讓表面呈現細細閃爍、星芒般的效果,呼應品牌成立時的願景:立足亞洲、閃耀寰宇。
Menu Design
STARLUX is the first airline in Taiwan to operate A350 with a first-class cabin, offering only four seats in a space that provides excellent privacy and intimacy. It offers passengers an unprecedented experience with a focus on quality. The "tail fin" is the crucial structure that determines flight stability and is also the essence of the brand's image. The team deepened this concept and proposed an exclusive visual vocabulary, applied to the stitching on the front and back covers of the menu and wine list, the embossing effect on the inner page covers, and the magnetic book clasp. The hardcover book cover is made from PANEX®, environmentally sustainable pineapple fiber leather, while the inner page cover uses Savile Row from JINN YANG PAPER. Both materials create a shimmering, starry effect on the surface, echoing the brand's vision as founded: Born with luxury. Shining like stars.
Photography Concept
With the captivating theme of "Exploring Meals on Unknown Planets," STARLUX Airlines invites passengers on an extraordinary and unparalleled journey, venturing to uncharted planets that have yet to be discovered. The aircraft traverses the infinite expanse of the universe, touching down on a planet abundant with culinary treasures and unique terroir. From sunrise to sunset, passengers can delight in an array of delectable and breathtaking gastronomic landscapes, eagerly awaiting to be explored and savored.
  • Client
  • Services
    Menu Design
    Photography proposal
  • Year
    May 2023
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designers
    Wan Yu Cheng
    Mimi Tsen
    Kai Nan Wu
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Photography
    食物攝影:Andrew Kan
  • Print
  • Cover Manufacturer
    AETER 念也設計
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