The interweave of filming and communication.
LUCKYSPARKS 幸運火花製片公司,從 2013 年創立至今累積許多優秀作品。今年 LUCKYSPARKS 決定重整官方網站,以英語介面規劃整體網頁架構,加強國際化的品牌型態,但不偏離品牌原有的風格定調。「交錯的溝通,影像的聚集」是 LUCKYSPARKS 向大眾溝通的核心理念;延續了品牌俐落的斜面切割與極簡黑白設定,使得網頁介面操作更加直覺化,清晰確實地展現品牌引以為傲的動態作品。
LUCKYSPARKS, a Taiwanese filming company founded in 2013, accomplished many excellent projects so far. This year LUCKYSPARKS decided to reorganize their official website, to strengthen the international influence through redesigning the overall webpage architecture in English interface, while not deviate from the original style of the brand. “The interweave of image and communication” is the core concept LUCKYSPARKS wants to communicate with the public. Following brand's minimalist style and color system, the website is upgraded to be more intuitive and easy to use, clearly showing their proudest dynamic works to users.
動態影像網站與使用者快速連結的首要條件,在於能否將作品清楚、完整地呈現。從使用者與品牌需求的角度出發,團隊規劃了 RWD 網頁架構,並嘗試多種網站動態效果,使整體網頁能流暢並完整地展現作品專業度。官網首頁運用品牌斜面的設計,配合動態過場效果,體現了品牌乾脆俐落的個性。此次改版將網站整體視覺優化,改善過去畫面過於細碎的問題,並同步串連上 Instagram 貼文,增添生活型態的元素,擴展與使用者連結的互動區塊。
The primary condition for a production company website to quickly connect with users is whether the work can be clearly and completely presented. From the perspective of users and brand needs, our team planned the RWD webpage architecture and operated a variety of dynamic effects to advance user experience. To correspond with the dynamic transition effects, the beveled outline and layout reflect brand's personality of simply and flat. This revision project optimizes the visual interface, and improve the scattered visual problem before. In addition, the new website also develop their system to automatically sync photos from Instagram, to create a more life-style platform, and broaden the interactive area with users.
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    Brand Identity
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    2018 - Present
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    Leo Huang
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    Celine Shen
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    Fran Dai
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    Vivia Wang