FirePlay Taipei 從最原始的炭火柴燒中找到完美的平衡,用直火料理演繹純粹的食物力量,揉和粗獷與細緻,打造帶有個性與態度的饗宴。主廚 Nick 認為火代表各種感覺和慾望,沒有絕對的狀態而是探索各種可能性;從不同感官體驗每道渾厚而精實的料理,Nick 以音樂及火傳達他對食物的愛,詮釋硬派且內斂的另類經典。FirePlay 如同印證品牌名稱,帶著如火般跳躍騷動的玩心,在輕鬆隨性中保持專注的態度,細膩又深刻地,投擲所有直接不囉唆的浪漫。
FirePlay, the Taipei based barbecue restaurant, explores the perfect balance from the primitive charcoal burning, then expresses the pure power of food. Chef Nick believes that fire represents all kinds of feelings and desires. There is no absolute state but various possibilities. To provide the unique experience of tasting each refined cuisine from different senses, Nick chooses music and fire to convey his love for food, creating an alternative and classic atmosphere in his restaurant. Echoing the brand name, FirePlay treats every details with a focused attitude and fire-like playful heart, delicately and profoundly, presenting all romance by food in a straightforward way.
品牌標誌模擬活版印刷的鑄字模具,以帶有份量感的扎實力道,烙印味覺與嗅覺的記憶點。標準字採用兩種字型組合:復古有張力的襯線字體、與理性現代的無襯線黑體;同時刷上炭木切面的材質紋理,增添品牌與視覺的連結,在細節中表現 FirePlay Taipei 貫徹本心的初衷。無酒精飲品的瓶籤靈感則來自大自然的渾然筆觸:將氣泡感的迎賓酒、海鮮料理搭配的果香風味酒、與肉類料理相佐的草本植物風味酒,以空氣、水、土地各自象徵, 融合輕重筆觸與不同顏色做呈現。
The brand logo simulates a letterpress printing mold, with a sense of strength to deepen the memory of taste and smell. Logotype is combined with two different fonts: one is the vintage style serif font, and the other is the rational and modern sans serif font. The surface is brushed with charcoal texture, which connects both essence and vision of the brand, and expresses the original intention of creating the fantastic fire cuisine. The wine label design is inspired by nature's brushwork: Air, Water and Land, which relates to three flavors of the liquid, and present the background patterns with different colors and outlines on packaging design.
  • Client
    FirePlay Taipei
  • Services
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guideline
    Logo & Logotype
    Packaging Design
  • Year
    2020 - Present
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designers
    Celine Shen
    Jha Zhang
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Photographer
    Elliot Wang