Book Design
美國設計師Chip Kidd對於書籍封面設計有著獨到的見解,他說:「封面設計者賦予內容形體,同時,小心地在兩者間取得平衡。」這個觀點,我們相當認同。利用一個畫面、圖像,我們要做的是能精準且完整地體現出作者想表達的訊息,可能是一種感覺、一種意涵,這些都必須要在清楚的了解內容之後,透過視覺設計的方式才能清楚地轉譯出來!書籍設計不是只有視覺的傳遞工作而已,也包含相當多複雜的工作流程在其中。包含:規格、尺寸、印刷、加工、材質、觸感甚至重量,這些都是需要仔細思考的設計工作,我們的任務在於將這些書籍的設計元素有效的組織成一個能清楚傳遞訊息的載體(書籍),而這個載體能透過這些元素的組合得到最好的展示方式,就是我們為你設計書籍的目標!
Book Design
When you see the wide array of new books displayed at a bookstore, what book titles will draw your attention? What kind of book design will urge you to pick up a book and read it? A best-selling book not only should have the topic and content that will resonate with the readers, but it should also feature a crucial element: good book design.
American graphic designer Chip Kidd, who has a unique view towards book cover design, once said, “A book designer gives form to content but also manages a very careful balance between the two.” We very much agree with his view. An author’s intended message, which can be a type of feeling or meaning, cannot be translated into a clear visual design form precisely and completely without the designer’s clear understanding of the content. Book design is not just about conveying the message visually. It also involves many complicated working processes made up of elements such as specification, size, printing, processing, material, texture, and even weight of the book, which all require careful planning and consideration of the book designer. Our mission is to utilize these elements of book design efficiently to form a carrier (the book) that conveys the message clearly, and our purpose of designing the book for you is to present this carrier in the best way possible through the combination of these elements.
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