Web & UI Design
Web & UI Design
We believe that a website is the forerunner that introduces a brand to consumers. A nicely-designed website can exert a huge impact on the consumer market. A website is a multi-functional communication platform that facilitates the spread of significant word-of-mouth marketing through an appealing advertising copy. Through the use of attractive static visual images and dynamic pictures, a website can quickly capture consumers’ attention. The key to successful web design, however, is how to make use of this platform to demonstrate effective communication.
To begin with, we think that a website must clearly convey the spirit of the brand, the goal of the project, and the appeal of the product. Our strong suit is the ability to build up and expand a coherent image for the product and the project. By embedding the brand into a digital platform, we help the brand establish its presence immediately and turn the website into a perfect first-line contact for consumers.
Also, the arrangement of the information structure is very crucial before getting into the design part. We put together the functions you need and organize them in a proper layout and different layers. For instance, while a brand-based website strives to reflect the spirit of the brand through its content, a shopping-based website would emphasize on the presentation of products and the shopping experience. Identifying specific problems and demands and undergoing careful planning will then facilitate the web design.
Next, a website must have an appealing presentation of materials. Basically, the materials on a website include graphics and texts. However, the ability to elevate a brand depends on the way materials are presented. We believe that creating an appealing material will enable a brand to gain the advantage in brand communication and establish its presence. As a result, the design and development of a website can involve working with professional photography teams or creating stories for the right advertising copies.
Last but not least, aside from the front-end installation, an important part of web design is to ensure smooth back-end operation and facilitate intuitive user experience. The development of the spirit, planning of the information structure, creation of materials, and establishment of the back end for brand-based websites, shopping-based websites, or one-off event websites are what Transform Design excels at.
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