五十週年,是雲門的重要里程碑,也是回顧初衷、放眼未來的時刻。舞團歷經半世紀的淬煉,於 2023 年春秋二季帶來兩件重要作品:創辦人林懷民睽違 20 年的《薪傳》,以及鄭宗龍總監的新作《波》。凝聚代代舞團的能量,五十週年的形象包容各種樣貌,一覽由身體開拓的經歷與展望。從不同角度觀看,這是一齣為了不同世代的無聲對話:成就無盡經典、為所有人起舞!
The 50th anniversary of Cloud Gate is a momentous milestone, a reflection of the past and a gaze into the future. It represents the culmination of half a century of dedication and refinement, resulting in two significant works: "Legacy," a long-awaited creation by the founder Lin Hwai-min after a 20-year hiatus, and "Wave," an innovative piece by Director Cheng Tsung-lung. The essence of the dance troupe, passed down through generations, is embodied in this celebration. The design incorporates the rhythmic essence of dance, infusing it with the dynamic flow of air, rendering the graphics multidimensional and captivating from different angles. Like the silent dialogue between the past and the future, the group continues achieving endless classics, and dances to inspire everyone!
主視覺以「時刻軌跡」的概念構建 50 的輪廓,表現一步一腳印的舞團精神。呼應舞蹈的韻律感,在結構中加上氣流的運轉型態,使圖形如立體般呈現不同的面向;而數字 50 相互連結,則象徵舞團價值與初心的延續。多元的色彩計畫選用黑白做為主色,輔色以「時間感」和「科技感」定義廣義的色盤。前者由雲門品牌主色 “紅” 延伸至:午夜、黎明、晨曦、日落,四種不斷循環變化的漸變色帶;後者則以數位螢光色盤 “藍”:詮釋雲門與新世代的技術結合,創造令人耳目一新的表演效果。
The main visual concept is built around the idea of "time and trajectory," forming the silhouette of the number 50, representing the dance troupe's spirit of taking one step at a time. Echoing the rhythmic sense of dance, the structure incorporates the movement patterns of airflow, presenting the graphic in a three-dimensional manner with different perspectives. The interconnected digits 50 symbolize the continuation of the dance troupe's values and original intentions. The diverse color scheme uses black and white as the main colors, with supplementary colors defined by a broad palette of "sense of time" and "sense of technology." The former extends from Cloud Gate's brand color "red" to include four continuously changing gradient bands: midnight, dawn, sunrise, and sunset. The latter employs a digital fluorescent palette of "blue" to interpret the integration of Cloud Gate with cutting-edge technology, creating a unique, refreshing visual effect.
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    Anniversary Logo Design
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    Feb 2023
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
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    Celine Shen
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    Jha Zhang
    Kai Nan Wu
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    Vivia Wang
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    二棲設計 27Design