DSEN, a captivating narrator of spaces, unveils a transcendent vision that breathes life into every venue. We seek the purest essence, shaping spaces to embody refined living and ultimate dwellings. Our team meticulously crafts experiences that resonate on a spiritual level, conveying a distinct attitude towards life. Through a lens of "simplification," we create visuals that stimulate the soul while eliminating complexity, opening up limitless possibilities for space enhancement. Yet, we carefully preserve its inherent warmth. Designing space is our outcome, but nurturing the spirit is our essence. With an open mindset and boundless perspective, DSEN constructs dimensions that set thoughts free, allowing the mind to roam unhindered. Our creations transcend conventions, inviting inhabitants to explore the realms of endless possibilities and unrestrained emotions. Step into the world we've crafted, where spaces come alive with untold tales and dreams take flight.
透過簡化及留白空間,會讓視野更加寬廣且舒適;而標誌設計延續此想法,用「減法的設計」創造更多的可能性。標誌選用俐落的無襯線字體作為架構,比例細長、骨幹纖細,以消弭某些筆畫來營造負空間。形似對話框的圖標 D 如同門的造形,連結著不同的室內空間,纖細的筆畫使其展現既開放、又相連的效果。整體視覺象徵人與空間的互動,也成功為品牌建立對外的良好溝通。
Through simplification and the use of whitespace, we create a sense of expansive and comfortable visual landscapes. This philosophy is reflected in our logo design, which embraces the aesthetics of subtraction to unlock limitless possibilities. The logo features a clean and slender sans-serif typeface, intentionally omitting certain strokes to create negative space. The icon D, reminiscent of a dialogue box, takes the form of a door, symbolizing the connection between different interior spaces. Its delicate strokes convey an open and interconnected effect. Overall, our visual representation embodies the dynamic interaction between individuals and their environment, serving as a powerful means of communication for our brand.
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    Brand Identity
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  • Year
    Jan 2023
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director
    Celine Shen
  • Designers
    Jha Zhang
    Chien Chia Chen
    Celine Shen
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Photographers
    hey cheese
    Dayform studio
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