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Taïrrior 態芮,成立於2016年五月,由主廚 Kai 所帶領的專業料理團隊。Kai 是土生土長的台灣仔,曾任職於新加坡米其林餐廳,歷經專業的訓練與廚藝的突破,使他具備獨樹一格的國際視野和烹調技術。在累積了豐富經驗後回到家鄉土地重新出發,以滿腔的熱血立志向世界推廣台灣新世代的飲食文化。Taïrrior 是一個深具意義的自創字:以 "Taiwan"(原文:台灣)與 "Terroir"(法文:風土)組合而成,定義了 Taïrrior 的法式料理手法與風格;運用在地當季食材解構在地經典美味,從不同角度體現台灣風土文化,讓全球聽見這土地獨有的美食精神。
Taïrrior Restaurant, established in May 2016, led by Chef Kai and his professional team. Kai, with an ambitious heart, was born and bred in Taiwan. The experience that worked at Michelin Restaurant in Singapore trains Kai to create his own unique vision and culinary art. After accumulating a wealth of experience Kai returned to hometown, start everything from zero, with all his heart and blood, Kai aims to promote the cooking culture of the new Taiwanese generation to the world. Taïrrior is a meaningful portmanteaus word: combining "Taiwan" and "Terroir" to define Taïrrior's distinct French dietary and Taiwanese ingredients, and present the most extraordinary spirit of this land to the world.
Taïrrior 的品牌精神「法式台菜」融合在標誌的視覺表現,並建立出帶有國際感的 Fine Dining 形象氛圍。以室內設計的藍圖為輪廓,一塊塊的銅色鐵片,在標誌線條中圍繞出圓弧形的台灣蒼穹印象。融合幾分台灣印象、與幾分法式餐飲感受,完美協調室內空間與品牌觀點的一致性。以字首「T」為主軸,Taïrrior 的標誌造型不僅加入了蒼穹概念的圓弧造型,並巧妙的轉化為以手端盤的服務印象,表達出品牌專業一致的服務精神。主視覺形象設計以一系列實驗性質的影像呈現:拼湊交疊各種新鮮的在地食材,呈現成獨樹一幟的「T」字影像,生動地闡述食材組合的多種可能性,並詮釋出法式台味中解構與變化的趣味、與餐廳細膩完整的精緻度。
The brand spirit of "Taiwanese cuisine with French style" integrated into logotype, building an atmosphere of international fine dining trend. Outlined by blueprints from interior design, the logotype is composed of copper iron pieces to simulate Taiwanese arc skyline. With a few impressions of Taiwan, and a few French dining experiences, Taïrrior artfully coordinates the consistency of the interior space and the brand perspective. Taking the prefix "T" as the main idea, Taïrroir's logo shape not only incorporates the circular shape of arc skyline, but also transforms it into a service impression of the hand holding a tray. The visual system is presented in a series of experimental images. Developing a variety of fresh local ingredients, presenting with a unique "T" image, vividly illustrating the various possibilities of Taiwanese ingredients, which interprets the taste of diverse deconstruction in French taste, and the delicate and complete refinement of the restaurant.
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