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台灣西服品牌 Gaute Bespoke 來自台中,以自身觀點融合傳統工藝、結合創新思維,重新詮釋當代西服的穿衣哲學。團隊對時裝與街頭服飾有著源源熱情,將跨領域的知識化作養分;不被任何一種風格定義,而是堅持初心、擁抱創意,以正面的態度探索各種可能性。持著一針一線,Gaute Bespoke 的服飾每一吋都帶有溫度,勾勒其獨一無二的模樣;這股信念不僅投射在衣裝,也是對生活、對品味的極致體現。
Found in Taichung, modern tailoring brand Gaute Bespoke integrates traditional craftsmanships and innovative thinking, reinterpreting the philosophy of clothing from their point of view. The team has a great passion for fashion and streetwear, turning cross-disciplinary knowledge into nutrients for creating the finest garments. Not defined by any style, the brand insists in original intention, embracing creativity, and explores various possibilities with a positive attitude. Every inch of Gaute Bespoke's garments is warm and unique. The brand projects this belief not only on clothing, but also the ultimate embodiment of life and sense.
現代、簡約、時尚,是這次設計的主軸。網站去繁為簡,減少裝飾符號並聚焦於圖片,引導使用者專注於商品本身。進入網站時是一個大大的logo置頂,滑動時圖文穿插,營造雜誌感的閱讀氛圍,以優雅的節奏敘述品牌故事。呼應標誌字型 Futura 的幾何特徵, Menu 選單收成一個圓點,點選時讓弧形的布幕蓋下來。而 Gallery 像是一本攝影集,搜集各季度的成果作品,在滾動捲軸時大小不一地展示。網站畫面看似簡潔,但其實暗藏許多細節與巧思於其中,呈現自信優雅的韻律感。
Modern, simple and fashion are the core idea in this project. The design of website is concise, reducing decorative symbols to focus on the product images. A large logo is placed on the top while entering the website. Pictures and texts are interspersed when sliding the page, creating a magazine-like reading vibes, and narrating the brand story with an elegant rhythm. Echoing to the geometric features of font Futura, Menu is designed as a dot, and the curved mask is covered from top when clicked. The Gallery page is like a photo album, collecting photographs from each season, and displaying them in various sizes as the scroll rolls. The website seems to be simple, but in fact there are many details and ingenuity hidden in it, showing an elegant but confident atmosphere.
  • Client
    Gaute Bespoke
  • Services
    Web Design
  • Year
    Aug 2022
  • Creative Director
    Leo Huang
  • Art Director & Designer
    Celine Shen
  • Project Manager
    Vivia Wang
  • Typeface
    Messina Sans
  • Website Development